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Kurated by Kovfefed – January 2021

It’s still new-year-ish to kick-start your (bullet) journaling habit with affordable tools and or join the Writer HQ intro to journaling newsletter.

New to me tarot blog: 78notes. Too bad they had stopped posting for a while now.

A photo-diary of a Saari residency in Finland.

One day I got curious whether there would be curry flavoured ice cream. There are many indeed! Here is one that looks delicious: Curry Coconut Ice Cream.

Japanese homeware delivered to you worldwide.

My favorite fried hard boiled eggs recipe.

90% buckwheat Soba.

Shooting with expired film camera.

7 Tips to Actually Stick to Bullet Journaling This Year, According to People Who Say It Changed Their Lives

Dexter – one of my all time fave TV shows is making a come back!!

The Rooftop Beehives Of Paris

Everything Haruki Murakami has ever compared to writing.

New Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread.

A List of the Best of Domestic-Thriller books.

Poetry inspired tarot spread.

I am adding Yumori No Sato, Tokyo’s Black Water Onsen, to my ever-growing Japan travel list.

52 memoir prompts , self-discovery prompts and some more if you want.

How pulling one tarot card each day for a month transformed Gina Tomaine’s yoga practice. Another good read: Tarot for meditation: A Crash Course for Modern Yogis.

I will accept this beautiful art-work as an advance half-birthday or birthday gift 😀

Japan’s ancient vegetarian meal.

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5 AM Thoughts at 3.30 AM

My 5 AM thoughts visited me again today, only that it came at 3.30 AM.

It has been three days in a row that I haven’t been sleeping peacefully, but today it was much worse since I could not go back to sleep anymore.

I refuse to self-diagnose myself with insomnia. Self-diagnosing when it comes to health is a trait that has become second nature among my extended family. Hence my conscious effort to stir away from it. Even at 3.30 AM.

I think I just overstimulated myself yesterday; both mind and body. The brain has been forced to work since 8 AM yesterday, and it didn’t stop even until I went to bed. From office work, blog posts, personal errands and reading heavy stuff until I fell asleep.

Meanwhile, I also let myself binge-eat yesterday using the period excuse. From sugary drinks, spicy chips to late-night garlic rice.

As a result, the heated stomach and buzzing brain refused to let my tire-soul rest.

I thought about how it has been a while since I share my coffee-diary entries here. How I forever chase the golden-light in life, both literally and figuratively. Both topics are unrelated.

I wondered whether I would have developed a deeper and layered understanding of a language if I was not raised to be multilingual. Since even until now, I struggle to express myself a bit more in-depth. In any language. Not only that, I have passed an embarrassing number of reading materials, just because it’s too hard for me to digest.

I felt like there is a version of me who I want to be (the one who reads daily, who cooks often, who goes on hikes on the weekend and who runs a marathon) and there is the current me that is not there yet. This year is about closing the gap between those two MEs, or at least minimize the gap.

My thought then went to the unwrapped gifts in the living room. It’s for a party that I have been invited to, by someone I wouldn’t invite to mine. Funny, isn’t it? Someone can be your VIP, but it doesn’t always mean vice versa. If you think I was being mean, hey at least I got them a gift 🤷🏽.

I wrote a reminder to finish reading Patti Smith this month – preferably this weekend if I am good. And to visit a new-to-me neighborhood cafe before we move out from here. Also, to get a tarot journal.

– ❥K

Nakameguro Tokyo Film Photography

Kurated by Kovfefed – November 2020

Hi, guys, I am reinstating weekend reads from this month onwards. It’s a curation of interesting reads and stuff hence I am calling it Kurated by Kovfefed. I am going to post this series only on the last Saturday of the month for now.

Without further ado, enjoy!

A library built in honor of Haruki Murakami.

There is a Silent Book Club one here in Victoria. I am so going to check it out.

Interesting bookshops in Scotland.

Stuart Dunker reminds us that today’s bad day can be tomorrow’s nostalgia.

Coronavirus – Days Without Name.

I have been waiting for Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin for months. It has been released early this month. Waiting for my fave gamers’ reviews before dropping $69 on it.

I have a thing for architecture and creepy abandoned architecture. Here is a half-decade abandoned hospital, Yang Ning, located in a small town in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

The creepy Cecil Hotel.

Hungry for books about Cannibalism.

Eating pickled fish and picking mushroom will make you happier.

I watched Unsolved Mysteries’ Tsunami Ghosts on Netflix. It brought me to tears. Highly recommend! It also reminded me of a beautiful post: Nine Years after Fukushima, penned by Rebecca Otowa. Other Netflix shows I watched and recommend this month: 1BR and The Call. Both are brilliantly acted horror-thriller.

“I am on a sacred fucking mission. I’m waiting for the goddess. I believe in ghosts. And I will defy the darkness and I will tell our story. — Adrian McKinty on Why He Writes.

The rich culture and cuisine of Indonesia, beyond Bali.

Onsen resorts in Japan.

Tynan, one of the bloggers whose writing I read religiously, took his first international trip after 7 months.

Enjoy your weekend! 🧡

December 2013

One last cliché on 2013, I can’t believe it’s the last week of the year! It has been a base year for me. I put the foundation needed for the big changes in the future, or in other words, I didn’t do much this year. Wait, It’s not like I have been lazing around doing nothing every day (even though that’s my main goal in life), I did travel to Australia, read 26 books, spent more time with my parents and save a little part of my salary among other things. I am a happier with myself and that’s a major accomplishment in my book. Okay, enough with self-help talk. Let me share the post I love, made me smile, made me think and made me go awww..

I called my dad after reading Bonnie’s a home is just a home. A sweet reminder to appreciate our loved ones and share the best memories with them.

Best Travel Instagrammers to follow in 2014 . I, not so secretly, hope someday I make the list (note to self: post more scenery and less pedicure pictures).We can learn a tip or two from Jamie’s Travel Essential packing list. My favorites? #8 and #12.

Love to pick Erika’s brain over a dinner! Check her fabulous how-tos on not quitting our day job, but I don’t cook, I am still learning, so how about coffee instead?

Speaking of coffee, check out these unique coffee experiences from around the world. I am grateful for having tried a few of them myself including the one in Tokyo. Ummm coffee..

Thank you for reading love.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

On Friday we went to the Working Title in Arab Street. I felt a little bit weird sitting down at the place I have reviewed before. A place which I described with words. Mentioning the fresh flower on the table, and other little quirky details.

On Saturday I woke up to the beauty of greenery. it’s seriously nice to wake up to this. Then went to do mani-pedi in Orchard. Yellow this time. Hello, sunshine!!  Bakmi for lunch. Bakmi. every time I am eating it I got reminded of that time in 2007 when I craved so badly for it that I almost bought a ticket to Jakarta. We then went to the supermarket. I wanted to do something for my snail mail November buddy. OMG, I am one month late! I also have to send Christmas ornaments, Xmas card! We had mallu dinner at the Spice Junction in Little India and came home by 9 PM on a Saturday night but yeah. I am taking any extra time for resting. 

On Sunday, I spent the whole day at Vi’s. We baked cheesecake and Christmas cookies. Drink wine. Smoke sheesa and discussed our Korea itinerary.

The more I researched the more I couldn’t find much to do in Jeju. I am a  tiny teeny tiny bit worried. A blogger that I have been following emailed to ask questions about Bali and a hostel in Singapore contacted me to sponsor a blog post.  It feels good at least a couple of strangers are reading my blog.

I am going to eat a cupcake and get ready to sleep now.