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Kurated Reads – April 2021

On a stressful morning of a workday, I stumbled upon this article: Cheer up! The happiness guru on how to feel better — it managed to cheer me up.

Related to above: 10 Little Words for Happiness

Holding space with a simple coffee ritual. 100% yes yes yes.

Best writing nuggets of my ethereal fave Nora Ephron.

Film Camera MjuII Kodak Color 400 Living Room Meletos

Kurated by Kovfefed – January 2021

It’s still new-year-ish to kick-start your (bullet) journaling habit with affordable tools and or join the Writer HQ intro to journaling newsletter.

New to me tarot blog: 78notes. Too bad they had stopped posting for a while now.

A photo-diary of a Saari residency in Finland.

One day I got curious whether there would be curry flavoured ice cream. There are many indeed! Here is one that looks delicious: Curry Coconut Ice Cream.

Japanese homeware delivered to you worldwide.

My favorite fried hard boiled eggs recipe.

90% buckwheat Soba.

Shooting with expired film camera.

7 Tips to Actually Stick to Bullet Journaling This Year, According to People Who Say It Changed Their Lives

Dexter – one of my all time fave TV shows is making a come back!!

The Rooftop Beehives Of Paris

Everything Haruki Murakami has ever compared to writing.

New Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread.

A List of the Best of Domestic-Thriller books.

Poetry inspired tarot spread.

I am adding Yumori No Sato, Tokyo’s Black Water Onsen, to my ever-growing Japan travel list.

52 memoir prompts , self-discovery prompts and some more if you want.

How pulling one tarot card each day for a month transformed Gina Tomaine’s yoga practice. Another good read: Tarot for meditation: A Crash Course for Modern Yogis.

I will accept this beautiful art-work as an advance half-birthday or birthday gift 😀

Japan’s ancient vegetarian meal.

Nakameguro Tokyo Film Photography

Kurated by Kovfefed – November 2020

Hi, guys, I am reinstating weekend reads from this month onwards. It’s a curation of interesting reads and stuff hence I am calling it Kurated by Kovfefed. I am going to post this series only on the last Saturday of the month for now.

Without further ado, enjoy!

A library built in honor of Haruki Murakami.

There is a Silent Book Club one here in Victoria. I am so going to check it out.

Interesting bookshops in Scotland.

Stuart Dunker reminds us that today’s bad day can be tomorrow’s nostalgia.

Coronavirus – Days Without Name.

I have been waiting for Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin for months. It has been released early this month. Waiting for my fave gamers’ reviews before dropping $69 on it.

I have a thing for architecture and creepy abandoned architecture. Here is a half-decade abandoned hospital, Yang Ning, located in a small town in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

The creepy Cecil Hotel.

Hungry for books about Cannibalism.

Eating pickled fish and picking mushroom will make you happier.

I watched Unsolved Mysteries’ Tsunami Ghosts on Netflix. It brought me to tears. Highly recommend! It also reminded me of a beautiful post: Nine Years after Fukushima, penned by Rebecca Otowa. Other Netflix shows I watched and recommend this month: 1BR and The Call. Both are brilliantly acted horror-thriller.

“I am on a sacred fucking mission. I’m waiting for the goddess. I believe in ghosts. And I will defy the darkness and I will tell our story. — Adrian McKinty on Why He Writes.

The rich culture and cuisine of Indonesia, beyond Bali.

Onsen resorts in Japan.

Tynan, one of the bloggers whose writing I read religiously, took his first international trip after 7 months.

Enjoy your weekend! 🧡

Kovfefed Kurated – Jan 18

Virtual super enthusiastic waves to a fellow Boss drinker, Ken. A self-proclaimed womanizer gaijin, Ken is the blogger behind Japanese Rule Of 7. For a while, I have been following him, thanks to Bloglovin’, but his latest post, Sunday in Japan, made me read through every article on the 27 pages blog. Another blog that I am currently binge-reading is Austin Kleon‘s. Once done, the next blog-binge-read will be Seth Godin‘s. Do you follow them?

This month, I wrote about my Japan fever, wish-granting Daruma doll and the magical memories of January 26, including the one which happened this year; the most expensive meal I have paid for and bubble tea and my friendship with Amanda; I spent my Sunday thinking whether I am wasting it? I also wrote about my road trip to Wangaratta and Kiwirail. I didn’t write many new posts this month. Even though I want to say that’s because I have been busy living life, the truth is I have to manage my time better.

A few favorite articles: It maybe 31 days late to welcome, celebrate, and honor the new year, but I love all the ideas and believe it’s still applicable at any time of the year. Even more so now in honor of the blood moon. Some creative ideas to support an author other than buying their book. I think we all can relate to the lasting mental torture of a lost job. As a gym newbie, I truly appreciate the value of short Audiobooks.

Kurated by Kovfefed – Apr 17

  • A new-to-me blog that I loved this month would be Eric Kim Photography. I stumbled upon it on Flipboard and ended up following him on BlogLovin. Eric writes about photography, writing, and life musings in a simple clean manner. I have been going through his archive since the start of the Japan trip.
  • I started listening to the Budget and Cents podcasts by Cait Flanders and Carrie Smith. It is giving me constant nudges to organize the currently out of control credit card bills eeeeep… Maybe I should start with a month-long shopping ban in May. That would be a double eeeeep…
  • How about buying a $27k tiny house by MUJI? The almost dead minimalist in me starting to get its strength back.
  • I read an article about #GaijinConfessionFriday in the Japan Times (yeah, I read newspaper in Japan. I am a better version of myself in Japan) and tweeted the hashtag last Friday.
  • Various food items from Kanazawa.
  • An increasing number of women are practicing witchcraft.
  • Why I Write? was the first post I read on Eric’s blog and it got me hooked.
  • Best and worst things about living in Japan.

Kurated by Kovfefed – Dec 14

Yesterday I found out that there’s this thing going around on the internet called Blogmas. It’s kinda like #BlogEverday challenge, but more fun because it’s all about Christmas. I enjoy blogging and Christmas, this is the kind of combination I want to be a part of. Also, I haven’t done my #BlogEveryday month this year, now feels like perfect timing for it.

I am aware that I am like 13 days late to the game and knowing how lazy I am, I might not even commit the next 12 days, but today I am blowing caution out of the chimney (how’s my Christmas pun? Bad? Yeah, I thought so too) and inviting you to do this better-late-than-never-Blogmas.

Here are some links for ideas to jump start our Blogmas.

  • Joe’s 50 Blogmas ideas list is pretty interesting. I am going to write some from his list in the next few days.
  • A girly perspective on Blogmas ideas by Tatjana. I most probably will do the Christmas haul and Christmas nail art (not tutorial though, just to show off, if I get one).
  • Lucy gives non-basic Blogmas ideas. I am so going to do her “snap the decorations in your local town and share them in a photo-only post” idea.
  • For the fun ideas, including statement red lips, check out Kat’s 25 Blogmas post ideas.
  • And 100more for my fellow Aussie blogger, Shannon.
  • There you go, 255Blogmaspost ideas. So what do you say, shall we do this together? #Blogmas.
  • This post counts as a Blogmas post because even though I don’t really share a Christmas post, I did mention that I like Christmas. Right?

Ps. A few of you ask me about the Christmas sweater illustration above. Akifune from Fiverr did it for me. Check out her amazing work (my cartoon character is much cuter than the real me) and join the #SweaterParty on Instagram.

Kurated by Kovfefed – Sep 14

Now that I’m back in Jakarta, I would love to join the local blogger community. I’m a little worried though, that I won’t blend easily in the beginning because I can be awkward at times. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated. For this month’s link love and in relation to what I mentioned earlier, I present to you some cool Indo bloggers.

Kurated by Kovfefed – Aug 14

  • Coffee and eleven hours of kindness give you warm fuzzy feelings. Let’s do something similar, you guys!
  • When you visit Thailand, these street dishes are a must-try. Ps. Somtum is my fave!
  • Hello, Kitty is NOT a cat! I KNEW IT!! I have been telling Vi there something is wrong with it, something evil, like the fact it doesn’t have a mouth.
  • Seth Miller likes to fly, so he bought himself a round trip flight ticket on his birthday just to fly for a few hours.
  • It’s no secret that I love train rides! And I enjoyed living vicariously through Kate when she took a midnight train to Georgia.
  • Have you read Looking for Alaska by John Green? It’s an easy read and I LOVED it.
  • B&W sneak peek of a classy hen party. Yes, please.
  • Monday blues? Chase it away with these easy to apply tips.

Kurated by Kovfefed – Jul 14

  • A sunken city in China, famously called Atlantis of the East, Shicheng is well preserved. The pictures of it are breathtaking, but not sure whether I am brave enough to dive that deep though.
  • I have become a short hair advocate because short hair = awesome sauce.
  • Have you heard of the Bechdel test before? I was surprised the last Harry Potter movie didn’t make the cut😦 I am also interested to see whether I can adapt it to real life. Like, whether my girlfriends and I could have a conversation in one seating without mentioning any man at all.
  • Xandra, one of my most favorite bloggers, started a new project Heroine In Training. It will empower us to be heroines in our own lives. Check out the first lesson about keeping a personal journal, which has become my mid-year resolution.
  • Nail polish VENDING MACHINE. I die!
  • You know how much I love Disneyland (I mentioned it here, here, and here) including especially the gift shop. If you are like me and you need your Mickey fix, check out this store, or better yet check out the omgsocuteineedtogetitnow Minnie bag. I could hear Monica’s voice “I’ll wear it all the time“.
  • Best writing advice ever.
  • World’s coolest bookstores. I regret skipping the one in Netherland.
  • Travel milestones. Which one have you crossed off?

December 2013

One last cliché on 2013, I can’t believe it’s the last week of the year! It has been a base year for me. I put the foundation needed for the big changes in the future, or in other words, I didn’t do much this year. Wait, It’s not like I have been lazing around doing nothing every day (even though that’s my main goal in life), I did travel to Australia, read 26 books, spent more time with my parents and save a little part of my salary among other things. I am a happier with myself and that’s a major accomplishment in my book. Okay, enough with self-help talk. Let me share the post I love, made me smile, made me think and made me go awww..

I called my dad after reading Bonnie’s a home is just a home. A sweet reminder to appreciate our loved ones and share the best memories with them.

Best Travel Instagrammers to follow in 2014 . I, not so secretly, hope someday I make the list (note to self: post more scenery and less pedicure pictures).We can learn a tip or two from Jamie’s Travel Essential packing list. My favorites? #8 and #12.

Love to pick Erika’s brain over a dinner! Check her fabulous how-tos on not quitting our day job, but I don’t cook, I am still learning, so how about coffee instead?

Speaking of coffee, check out these unique coffee experiences from around the world. I am grateful for having tried a few of them myself including the one in Tokyo. Ummm coffee..

Thank you for reading love.