Ace of Pentacles Moon Void Tarot

Learning Mindfulness from The Ace of Pentacles

I draw Ace of Pentacles today using the new Moon Void Tarot deck. Aces are happy news and blessings from the Universe. The Ace of Pentacles relates to earthly matter such as finance, career and health. It usually comes bearing gifts — from good health, job promotion to financial windfall.

Nice! I like unexpected gifts.

I also like Aces, and of all the Aces in tarot, Ace of Pentacles is my favorite just because it’s somewhat more tangible compared to other suits. And as someone who believes in Law of Attraction, drawing Ace of Pentacles turns the day to fun scavenger hunt moments. It urges me to be more mindful throughout the day so that I can spot the Universe’s gifts for the day. At the same time, I tend to be more grateful on my Ace of Pentacles days for the same reason as before, mindfulness.

So far here are the things I identified as the Universe’s gifts today: refund from VicRoads, refund from another company, new-to-us delicious Srilankan food delivery service and grapes on sale in Woolies.

Btw, the Ace of Pentacles on the Moon Void Tarot deck resembles the Sun and today’s weather has been delightful. I can sense a rainbow is in the making.

Maybe I will go and sit on the balcony with a cuppa and my current read for a while.

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands is about a window of boost opportunity from the Universe—a potential gift not to be missed.

I had a hard time relating to it earlier today, as I spent the day with Liz. Having Yumcha, Hokkaido tart and iced chocolate.

I then came home and posted a bunch of old posts before joining an online tarot course. Maybe the course was what indicated by the Ace of Wands.

Unfolding Universe

After Amsterdam I got to see my ultimate travel dream, Paris, which I had been dreaming of visiting ever since I wrote about Coco Chanel for my school project. We also visited Italy — Venice, Rome and Florence.

It all felt like a dream came true from a girl like me.

Starting from the second I stepped out of the airport taxi in Amsterdam.

For the first time only a couple weeks ago. It was like another Universe folded open in front of me in one blink of an eye.

I stepped into it. And my life has forever changed.