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Shedding Some Light on The Moon

“What is your association with The Moon card?”

My tarot teacher asked me when we practiced reading tarot with a spread.

I told her that:

“I always feel a strong connection to the moon. I also find The Moon card on most tarot decks attractive”.

She seemed a bit relieved by my answer, before going on explaining that tarot readers have divided perceptions about The Moon card; some consider it as a good card, while others find it difficult.

I looked at the card on the spread. We were using the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. There a few things going on for sure. The lobster, the howling dogs, the towers with the dark sky draping the background. But nothing calls out to be as a problematic.

Yes, the moon can be emotional, but so are we, are we not?

I put my thoughts aside and continued reading the spread. I interpreted The Moon as I needed to wait for a whole month before being able to see any progress.

The Moon card (Pisces) itself is about intuition.

The Moon

It’s time to let the moon illuminate our dark side. For us to embrace our shadow-self, to go deeper inside, in the effort of understanding ourselves better.

The other day, I meditated under the full moon on Aries. Again a homework from my teacher. I took out all The Moon cards my all the tarot decks (excluding Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, as these days I only use it as a point of reference) I owned to contemplate more on it.

The depiction in The Spacious Tarot deck is my favourite. The card is dominated by a large moon – which reminds me of the time I went to Uluru and saw the moon up close point. It also has two mushrooms on it, which reminds me of The Lovers tarot card.

After spending sometime with The Moon tarot cards, I journaled about it – a whole three pages in my Moleskin. I am not ready to share it here yet. Thought at this rate, I have a feeling that I will eventually share it with you but for now, do know it has been cathartic.

That night, I honoured the moon’s energy by drinking Lavender tea and going to bed with Selenite charging me from the bedside table.

Uluru Ayers Rock Australia

The Power of Uluru

I flew home with a pinch of Uluru sand inside my necklace locket, to be my grounding tool whenever I am flailing. So far it has been working, even touched other people with its power. I went to meditation recently. Somehow guided to the dessert and after all the things are done the lady asked is that the sand, and I was like yes. That was the sand from Uluru.

The magnetic, marvellous and magnificent Uluru is officially my favorite place in Australia and in my top ten best travel places list. In Ayers Rock, we saw the moon and Saturn up and close with telescopes, it was amazing! Also there, I tried kangaroo meat for the first time, it was okay.

Uluru Ayers Rock Australia

Uluru and The Rest of Australia

The Uluru trip serves a reminder that I need to explore Australia before jet-setting North.

When we were living on the tiny island of Singapore, exploring new countries has always been the goal. Australia, on the other hand, is vast and offers many travel varieties, I will be satisfied plenty exploring the inland. I have driven to the Great Ocean Road and visited The Pinnacles so far, but I have so much more to experience in Australia.

I have yet to dive on the Barrier Reef, go on a caravan camping, visit the theme park in Queensland and so many other things.

If I ever leave Australia for an extended period time, let’s say a temporary move to Japan, which has been in the Universe wish list for a while now, I would come back here to pay an homage to Uluru, hoping this time I get to see the Emu in the wild which I missed out the Pinnacles as well.

Uluru Ayers Rock Australia

Recharging My Old Soul in Uluru

Uluru was not a budget trip.

I can’t say that the hotel nor the tours were cheap, even the price for our budget flight ticket was close to a trip back to Jakarta.

At first, I wondered why, but then when we sat down for our fancy dinner, among others, it clicked. More than half of our dinner guests visited were middle-aged tourists. We shared the table with a semi-retired farmer and his wife; Brenda and Steve, a couple whose next trip is to cruise to the South Pole and another couple who just came back from the car racing saga in Monaco.

Jik, I and our budget airfare were kind of out of place among them, but we both agreed that we are lucky that we get to experience Uluru now rather than later in life.

Also, it did help that I always believe that I have an old soul. I semi fit-in. And Uluru fits my old soul travel style.

Uluru Ayers Rock Australia

Pioneer Lodge-ing in Ayers Rock

I made the mistake of booking the flight tickets without realizing that all the rooms in the Ayers Rock resort were fully booked for that weekend. Our initial option was to sleep in a tent or the AirBnB at the Alice Springs, which is 3-hour drive away. I am a pretty adventurous person, but the idea of either of them put enough fear on me to call the resort diligently every single day to see whether they have any room booking cancelled at the last minute. Thank Universe they had and we ended up with a room at the Pioneer Lodge that looks like a motel but with the price and amnesties of a hotel.

For this long weekend trip, I brought my pink luggage while Jik only carried her backpack, but guess who needed to borrow half of the toiletries from her?

The Ayers Rock Resort is like an all in all playgrounds for the tourists. I usually not a fan of this thing, but I prefer to have this than to sleep in the ground, and I am so glad that we didn’t because those were two chilled nights as they say the cold in the night in the desert is as severe as its heat in the day.

Uluru Ayers Rock Australia


“This is it! We are on a pilgrimage, the Australian way”

I excited told Jik at the airport while waiting for our flight to Ayers Rocks. She stared back at me as if I had lost it, before getting back to her laptop screen. It has become a routine, pretty much how we usually start our girl trips, with me saying some absurd things and her ignoring it. But this time, I was serious. We were going to Uluru.

I feel like Uluru called me.

The first time it caught my attention was in a bookstore in New Zealand, of all places. Once we came back home, I mulled over visiting Uluru for a while, forgetting about it for some time, before being called again by the mystical rock. This time, by a blog post. I decided to give it a visit, even if just by myself, but at the last minute, Jik joined in.

Hence our conversation in the airport waiting lounge above. Four hours later, we reached the small airport of Ayers Rock and hopped into the resort bus immediately afterwards.

Uluru was magnificent! I can’t explain the attraction of a huge rock. I came prepared that travelling to see a rock, one stone, might be a little over-kill, but that mental preparation wasn’t required after all. I was all teary eyed when I saw a glimpse of Uluru from the plane earlier.