Farm Staycation Tarot Spread

Echuca Farm Staycation Tarot Spread

Travel Spread position —

  1. My vibe during the staycation
  2. The staycation’s energy
  3. Something to focus on or be mindful of during the staycation
  4. A must (do/see/experience) on the staycation
  5. The staycation’s highlights
  6. Souvenir or lesson learned from the staycation

Here is my reading for our Farm staycation —

My vibe during the trip: Four of Swords

The staycation’s energy: King of Cups

Something to focus on during the staycation: Strength

A must (do/see/experience) on the staycation: Judgement

The staycation’s highlights: The Sun

Souvenir or lesson learned from the staycation: Wheel of Fortune

Staycation Tarot Spread Moon Void Tarot

Meletos Staycation Tarot Spread

Last year Fafa got me a staycation at Meletos farmhouse as a birthday gift. Fifteen months and one more birthday later, we are finally going there this weekend. I pulled a few cards to re-create my go-to travel spread.

Travel Spread position —

  1. My vibe during the staycation
  2. The staycation’s energy
  3. Something to focus on or be mindful of during the staycation
  4. A must (do/see/experience) on the staycation
  5. The staycation’s highlights
  6. Souvenir or lesson learned from the staycation

Here is my reading for our Meletos staycation —

My vibe during the trip: Justice

When this card appears the Universe is working on restoring the balance.

OMG Yes! YES, 100% Yes. After experiencing burn-out in the past few weeks, I am counting on this staycation will help to tip the scale and bring it back to the work-life balance I strive for.

The staycation’s energy: Queen of Pentacles

Deep connection with nature.

For me, the Queen of Pentacles here represent Meletos itself. The farmhouse Meletos is a gorgeous boutique hotel located in acres and acres of land with uninterrupted views across vines and apple orchards to the blue-tinged Great Divide. In a word, it’s fancy. And I am so looking forward to just staying in and absorbing the energy.

Something to focus on during the staycation: The Lovers

An excellent time for us to connect, do fun couple activities. I am thinking wine tasting, long walks through the vineyards and bubble bath sesh.

A must (do/see/experience) on the staycation: King of Swords

King of Swords Moon Void Tarot

I struggle to see how the King of Swords would connect with our staycation, so I looked more intently onto the image. The element of fire pops up (also all Kings represent the element of fire). A reminder to get cozy-up by the fireplace maybe?

The staycation’s highlights: Nine of Cups

Nine glass of wine here I come!

Souvenir or lesson learned from the staycation: The Emperor

Similar to the King of Swords earlier, I turned into the image of the card to see its’ correlation with the staycation.

On the Moon Void Tarot deck, The Emperor card is missing the Emperor. It just has his crown and cape left on the throne. It looks like the Emperor is taking a break himself. It reminds me that everyone, even the Emperor, could benefit from taking a break from the daily duties now and then.

Captains Retreat Mornington Peninsula

An Overnight At Mornington Peninsula Airbnb

Good morning from the Captain’s Retreat. Our Airbnb for the weekend. I write while being enveloped in complete silence.

It was still too cold to sit in the garden outside when I woke up earlier, so I opted to cozy up on the couch with the knitted blanket to keep me warm.

Unlike in Melbourne, where I usually get served bed coffee, I had to make my own today because Fafa was still sleeping.

He clearly didn’t hear the crowing of the neighbour’s rooster that woke me up earlier. I found Robert Timms instant coffee in the tin — the same brand Amma loves to drink whenever she comes for a visit.

I remembered seeing a carton of milk in the fridge when we put the wine bottles we bought from the wineries, which we planned to drink yesterday but were already too drunk for the day from all the wine tasting. I added a dash of it to the piping hot black coffee.

I could see the sky colour gradually changing from the huge window overlooking the backyard garden. I realized I was having a moment. It might be a cliche, but I am feeling nothing but gratitude for this moment. A moment that I will treasure for a long time.

This trip is much more than just a weekend getaway. It’s our first private overnight trip to the countryside in Victoria. It’s our first trip after Covid, after lockdown, after almost a year (our last trip last was during the Australia day weekend in January). On top of all those, this has been the much-needed break from the work pressure for me.

It’s a soul recharging getaway.

Yesterday after dinner (we had sublime Afghani takeaway from Afghan Marcopolo Restaurant), I opened up to Fafa about my worries and woes. I shared my anxiety about not being able to tick any of the goals I set for myself this year. And of my weariness of everything that is going on in the world.

He showered me with words of encouragements and support, which is not rare, just that yesterday I had the mental space to hear it clearly, directly and loudly. To digest it and start feeling better almost immediately.

The night went dark soon after our heart-to-heart session in the garden.

We went inside, facetime-ed the parents, put on beauty sleep face mask and ate Indonesian crackers with chilli while waiting for it to dry. I made my sleepy tea soon after but it went cold before I drank it as I was too engrossed by the food reality show on SBS Food. I was hooked — from the Tiger Milk shot made from oysters ceviche to the very unappetising food from the English country-town hosted by two hairy bikers.

I almost fell asleep on the couch when Fafa urged me to move to the bedroom. The bedroom was the least favourite part of the cottage for the both of us. It was small, tackily decorated (two huge paintings of creepy looking people hanged opposite the bed). It has a standing fan placed nowhere near a plug and a mirror right in front of the bed, which was a big no-no Fengshui wise.

I kept waking up throughout the night because the room was just too stuffy. But I was too sleepy and disoriented to turn the aircon on from the living room or even open the bedroom door. Which was why I was pleasantly surprised I woke up feeling completely rejuvenated.

The itinerary for the rest of the day includes continuing to read the book I brought, Belonging, preferably on the hammock — a bit more journaling and do an early check-out. We are heading to the Mornington Peninsula centre for some breakfast, bookstore visits and the beach before heading back to Melbourne.

Winery Weekend Getaway Tarot Spread

Fafa and I are heading to Mornington Peninsula, Victoria’s winery region, for a much needed weekend getaway.

While waiting for him to get ready and do his last-minute packing 🙄 I pulled a few cards to re-create my go-to travel spread.

Travel Spread position —

  1. My vibe during the trip
  2. The trip’s energy
  3. Something to focus on or be mindful of during the trip
  4. A must (do/see/experience) on the trip
  5. The trip’s highlights
  6. Lesson learned from the trip

Here is my reading for this trip —

My vibe during the trip: Ace of Swords (R)

I feel like I am going on this trip with highly-strung energy. Not the good kind. These past few days have been a bit too much. I have started feeling the tiring Thursday energy since Tuesday morning, dragging myself to get through the rest of the workweek. And the reversed position confirmed it.

The trip’s energy: Four of Swords

I let out a relieved sigh when I flipped open the Four of Swords.

Resting, relaxing and taking a pause.

Thank God! I am ready to absorb the restful energy served by the trip.

To focus on: Explorer of Wands (Knight of Wands)

The guide books says to:

Release (my) inhibitions, get fired up and be unapologetically alive.

I can only interpret it to get the fire-place going and get all warm and cozy near it tonight.

A must-do on the trip: Strength

Strangely I interpret this to explore the nature around the are. Maybe I can do it during my planned morning run tomorrow.

The highlight of the trip: Explorer of the Swords (Knight of Swords)

Lesson from the trip: Guardian of The Swords (Queen of Swords)

It looks like this trip is going to be dominated by the Swords energy. From my own vibe to the lesson to learn from the trip. Even the Strength from the Spacious Tarot deck is depicted by prickly cactus, and if I push it, the Wands hold by the tail of the Salamander (to focus on) looked like a sword.

Which means, I might have to put my drink-all-the-wine-all-the-way-to-our-Airbnb-until-I-pass-out plan on hold and embrace the what looks like might be an intellectually stimulating trip?

I packed a couple more books and an extra pen anticipation extra journaling time.

I also told Fafa, not to his delight, to be prepared for deep conversations and mini self-discovery sessions, in case we are called to do so. He finally agreed, only after I promised to draw him a bubble bath at the end of the day.

Clarify My Daily Reading

The Eight of Wands jumped out when I shuffle the cards for my daily tarot reading today. The card, which can easily be crowned as the one with the most simplistic drawing in the classic Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, depicted literally by eight of wands all up in the air pointing to one direction.

I associate the Eight of Wands with travels, but obviously, it’s more than just about boarding the plane for a trip. The Eight of Wands is also an action, fast-moving, focus and remove all distractions card. But then, I wonder:

What action? Which direction to move fast to? What to focus on? and what kind of distractions are we talking about?

And that’s why I usually pull another card, a clarifying card whenever get the Eight of Wands in a single card reading, including during my daily drawing. This time I didn’t have to, there was already a card that jumped together with Eight of Wands earlier, which I put back because the Eight of Wands jumped out first (it’s Eight of Wands after all), it was the Two of Swords.

Ha! The Two of Swords is another card which I usually pull a clarifying card for. The irony of the clarifying card requires another clarifying card.

Sunshine Coast Trip Tarot Spread

Vacation Tarot Spread

  1. My vibe during the trip
  2. The trip’s energy
  3. Something to focus or be mindful about during the trip
  4. A must (do/see/experience) on the trip
  5. The highlight of the trip
  6. Lesson or gift from the trip

Here is my reading for the Sunshine Coast trip —

My vibe during the trip: Knight of Cups (R)

The traditional interpretation of Knight of Cups: He is charming and attractive to others. He is also ruled by the heart more than the head.

I interpreted it as either my excited anticipation of the vacation time or if I read it on reverse, a warning to myself. 

That, I won’t be able to enjoy the holiday fully if I let my mind get distracted by a personal issue I am struggling with at the moment.

The trip’s energy: Ten of Swords*

Ha! This is going to be a killer trip.

10 of Swords can be interpreted as a painful ending which must occur for there to be growth and regeneration. This card is very appropriate in the are of mental transformation. There would be a forceful reevaluation or elimination of the previous attitude in life. 

To focus on: Four of Swords

I guess I should use this trip to take it easy. To rest and recharge under the sun. Also, I used the Everday Witch Tarot deck, and on the card, my focus fell on the witch’s hat. So I packed a sun hat. 

A must-do on the trip: Two of Wands (R)

Am I nudged to spend more time to day-dream? Maybe I should bring my journal.

The highlight of the trip: Nine of Cups

This trip will give me a chance to indulge in life’s luxuries. To enjoy good food, relax in the beach resort. To count my blessings, be grateful and embrace living in the moment.

For all these to happen, I should leave my worries in the past, so I can look forward to a bright future. 

Lesson from the trip: Ten of Pentacles (R)

This trip will be able to nurture my soul if I let it be. 

But also, reading the reversal — there is a possibility of coming back to a red bank balance. This trip had passed the budget I put for it, even before I started it, but I am okay with it.

Sunshine Coast here I come!

*Update: The trip energy card’s (Ten of Swords) message couldn’t be anymore more transparent. After almost dying of drowning, I feel like I went on a rite of passage!