Tarot Cards

My Deck Deciding Tarot Cards

Whenever I like a tarot deck, enough to consider getting it, I have a set of go to cards that help me to make the decision whether it’s a deck I want invite into my life. Though it’s not a hard and fast rule, I follow it most of the time as it helps to culled my obsession over tarot decks.

Here are the cards I look for in the new deck that help me to make the decision:

Major Arcana: The Fool (I don’t like decks where it looks like The Fool is deliberately falling off the cliff), Strength (it’s the number 8 – my fave number. Also it’s strength/power – something I gratify towards), The Hermit (ultimate Virgo card), The Hanged Man (my tarot birth card), The Tower (my fave “bad card”) and The Star (the wish card).

Minor Arcana: Eight of Wands in the Wands suits (travel card), Ten of Cups in the Cups suits (my idea of contentment), Six of Swords in the Swords suits (the ultimate healing card) and Nine of Pentacles in the Pentacles suits (the energy I wish to emulate in life. My dream state of life).

Court Cards: I don’t rely on court cards to decide whether to get a tarot deck or not, but sometimes, I look at their Queens. Even then, it’s only the Queen of Wands (my fave among the four Queens) and on rarer occasion, the Queen of Swords (the Queen I relate the most with).

The Hanged Man Tarot Moon Void Tarot

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Two cards feel out from my daily tarot card drawing today: The Hanged One (The Hanged Man) and the Eight of Swords.

I have been complaining this week. Actually, I have been complaining for a while tbh. I don’t think I have the fuel to go through the next five weeks. I don’t have it in me to juggle hectic work schedule, driving test, house hunting, socializing and everything else in between. I am constantly stressed out. Constantly tired. Constantly everything draggy. I am experiencing fatigue. Screen fatigue. Zoom fatigue. Closed-space fatigue. Lockdown fatigue.

I am so tired; I feel stuck (The Hanged Man), but the Eight of Swords which jumped together with the first card nudges me to think:

What if it’s all in my head?

What if I fix my currently all-tangled-up mind first?

Change my thinking, change my life kind of way.

I can do that, can’t I? at least I hope so.

And I will leave this with Joyce Meyer’s famous quote:

Keep your mind going in the right direction, and your life will catch up with it.

The Hanged Man Tarot Moon Void Tarot

Reversed Cards in Tarot

Reversed cards are also known as the shadow cards. Though I don’t particularly read reversed card I still think it’s worth exploring. The reversed cards in tarot can be treated like a little red flag. It can highlight a particular aspect. It can mean internalised energy. It can have a lot more deeper meaning. It can be about the heroine journey. Some says it’s very shamanic. It can give you an alternative perspectives. Essentially reversed cards are more challenging both to read and in a reading, but these cards are potentially able to share deeper information in a reading. The Hanged Man is the archetype of the reversed card in tarot.

Tarot Birth Cards

My main tarot birth card is the Hanged Man. One of the hardest cards to read in the tarot deck. But it also kinda makes sense because I am quite playful and a pretty chill person.

The Empress Tarot Moon Void Tarot

My secondary tarot birth card is the Empress. I am like err.. Really? Motherly? The Goddess Laxmi? I am not! I am the opposite of a nurturer. Instead, I could relate more to the Magician, the High Priestess, The Emperor, The World, or, above all Strength, the Goddess Kali.

the hanged man tarot rider waite tarot deck black and white

Paused by The Hanged Man

On the day I have 16 things to do on my list. Why?

Traditionally Hanged Man is a reminder to hit a PAUSE button and or surrender.

It could also be a nudge to change my routines to shift my energy. I am just now establishing my routines back though. Of green tea, French songs, educational podcast and drawing a tarot card in the morning. Which I like. So, why would I change it?

Or is it more about my current life at the moment, where I don’t feel the drive for blogging — or even grander, my career progress — is being put on a pause this month?