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My Deck Deciding Tarot Cards

Whenever I like a tarot deck, enough to consider getting it, I have a set of go to cards that help me to make the decision whether it’s a deck I want invite into my life. Though it’s not a hard and fast rule, I follow it most of the time as it helps to culled my obsession over tarot decks.

Here are the cards I look for in the new deck that help me to make the decision:

Major Arcana: The Fool (I don’t like decks where it looks like The Fool is deliberately falling off the cliff), Strength (it’s the number 8 – my fave number. Also it’s strength/power – something I gratify towards), The Hermit (ultimate Virgo card), The Hanged Man (my tarot birth card), The Tower (my fave “bad card”) and The Star (the wish card).

Minor Arcana: Eight of Wands in the Wands suits (travel card), Ten of Cups in the Cups suits (my idea of contentment), Six of Swords in the Swords suits (the ultimate healing card) and Nine of Pentacles in the Pentacles suits (the energy I wish to emulate in life. My dream state of life).

Court Cards: I don’t rely on court cards to decide whether to get a tarot deck or not, but sometimes, I look at their Queens. Even then, it’s only the Queen of Wands (my fave among the four Queens) and on rarer occasion, the Queen of Swords (the Queen I relate the most with).

Fool-ing in The Beginning of The Month

Fittingly I pulled The Fool from The Spacious Tarot deck today as the card of the month. It a simple illustration of a cliff with sunrise in the background, dominated only with three main colors. For me, the card in this deck doesn’t give a choice of who the fool is. It’s the reader (or the readee, I guess, if you are reading for someone else).

This card invites us to step inside it and be the fool who stands on top of the cliff. Ready to embrace the world.

Or in my case, the month — with all the celebrations and challenges waiting for me in the next 30 days. At the same time, reminding me of the side project, I adopted in November – the NaMeWriMo. To focus on it as a part of my fool’s journey.

The Fool The Fifth Spirit Tarot Tokyo Japan Book

Making The Fool Out of Myself

Chive, basil, cat, coffee and snake

I consulted a tarot reader today whether I should keep a(nother) blog — this blog — to document the new normal and the pensieve of my previous days.

Her name is Rani. She lives in Queensland. She charged $1 for a Yes/No question.

Should I start a blog documenting my thoughts and life?

The card she pulled: The Fool. And then she added:

It’s a big YES girl! Go for it. Take a leap of faith into the unknown!

before ending it with her usual “blessings“.

So here I am. Sitting in front of a half empty screen. Vowing to write more. Ready to make a fool of myself. As long as I get to enjoy the journey.

Nefertari Tarot

Nefertari’s Tarot

I like the Nefertari’s Tarot deck from the minute I laid my eyes on it with the gold N letter on the box that looked like a tilted K for me.

I don’t know about you guys, but I dreamt about being the descendant of Egyptian princess ever since I watched The Mummy in 1999. The Nefertiti Tarot deck would be be a way to connect with my Egyptian princess side.

Another thing, every card has the image of a cat. Although I am not sure of cats only tarot decks yet, I am a huge advocate of having cats as a symbol or familia.

So what’s not to like, right? Well, there are a few cons. First of all, the images are regal but unkind. The vibes are too serious, dark and almost sad.

Cards on the deck: I hated the way they portrayed the Fool who looked mean, but loved The Devil card. Other than the fact the Nefertiti side boob is proudly presented, the Strength card seems stale. The lion is not tame and the lady looks robotic.

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Wands Symbolism in Major Arcana in Tarot