Soi 38 Thai Restaurant Melbourne

Soi 38 Soi Yummy

It was an impromptu date in an unassuming restaurant, which I have seen plenty in Singapore but never in Melbourne.

For the lack of pretentiousness alone, I knew it would be a treat to eat at Soi 38. A place I have been wanting to go to since last year, but no-thanks to Covid and whatnot, it only happened this week.

Soi 38 is located inside a Wilson Parking carpark in Melbourne CBD area. I made a booking for 6.15 PM (booking is highly recommended) at 5.45 PM and went to The Paperback bookshop to spend time there while waiting for Fafa who had a gym class.

At 6.30 PM, we have put our order in: Thai BBQ set, Thai iced tea, coconut juice, Som Tum as the entree and my fave mango sticky rice dessert. The BBQ set came with various meat and seafood, noodles, vegetables and a single egg—all to be cooked on the tabletop bbq stove.

To say I was delighted would be an understatement.

The food, dipped in their homemade Thai sauce, was delicious. And the crowd was interesting. That evening, the place was bursting with diversity, from suit-wearing business people to pierced belly flashing student.

I will come back again, bring all my friends and recommend Soi 38 to anyone.


Thailand Singapore Relations Stamps

When I saw Thailand-Singapore diplomatic relations commemorative stamps, especially the Thailand part one, mango sticky rice, I needed to have it and I needed it stat. Thankfully, I got a super awesome local friend who was more than willing to send it to Indonesia, for free 🙂 I love it so much.

They also have India-Singapore diplomatic relations commemorative stamps and Australia-New Zealand-Singapore tripartite relations commemorative stamps but it didn’t look as cute as these yummy desserts. Every time I looked at it, I am tempted to call Jittlada and order the mango sticky rice.

Ps. They are also going to issue Japan-Singapore diplomatic relations commemorative stamps. I would love to have that as well!


My colleagues and I finally reached Thailand close to midnight yesterday. And today is officially our first day in Phuket. Technically, it’s our first morning in Phuket. We are taking it slow, with lots of chilling, drinking and reading. We are staying at The Album Hotel, after the recommendation of our boss.

Have you been to Phuket before? I am not sure whether I like it yet. I am not sure whether it’s a place you come with your colleagues. Then again, traveling with colleagues is a questionable thing, to begin with. I don’t mind my colleagues though, they are okay. Some of them are fun and all of them are acceptable. I am hoping this trip will rejuvenate us and tighten our bond. As I wish so it be.

Sea Pearl Villas Phuket Thailand

Last Night in Phuket

Hello from Phuket.

We took the ferry back from Phi Phi island this morning. The itinerary for the day was supposed to be a bit of rest and a lot of roaming around. Unfortunately, we both got food poisoning, with Fafa having it much worse than me. So we decided to stay, rest (and hopefully recuperate) in the hotel instead.

Thankfully, we had a good sense to book a fancy-ish hotel for our last night stay here.

Sad Salmon Dish

I just finished taking the longest luxurious hot shower of my life. And now silently (so as not to wake Fafa up) eating American style sad salmon dish instead of the delicious spicy Thai food to give my suffering stomach a break.

I am typing up this on my iPhone note app to be published later because however horrible we feel at the moment, it will one day be memories.

Head Over Heels with Phi Phi Island

We are at Phi Phi island. We took a boat ride from Krabi yesterday.

It took two hours to reach this amazing island. Within minutes of being here, we have declared our love for it. Yin even has self-promoted herself to a Phi-Phier.

We are staying at Phi Phi Palm Resort, a cozy hotel near the market. The first night here, after getting a massage, we spent most of the time in the hotel, swimming in the pool and getting really really drunk. 

Today we went snorkeling.

We started from the pier to the Monkey Bay, a lagoon or two and finished it off at the Maya Beach where the movie The Beach starring Leonardo Dicaprio was shot.

The whole boat ride presented the most breathtaking places I have ever seen in my life. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be able to see it. I was high on happiness, so high that I jumped into the ocean without much hesitation, forgetting my irrational fear of the sea. 

Thus, my first snorkelling experience. OMG! I felt like peeking into another world. For a moment there I forgot that I was floating in the middle of the sea. I forgot about my everything above these water. It was just me and thousands of beautiful beings and colors right below me.

I never heard before that snorkelling was a life changing experience, but it was for me. Never in life I felt so humbled and grateful to live among the abundance. Snorkelling touched my soul.

We also did some kayaking through some of the most beautiful lagoons. Again, it was my first. Finally, we watched the sunset from the boat and headed back to the pier.

Back the island we continued yesterday routine which was to get a massage (much needed after all day swimming and snorkelling).

We then had dinner at Song’s Pad Thai.

It’s a tiny teeny pad thai store covered with letters and love notes from every part of the world. Like almost everything else on this day, this was my first pad thai. I didn’t like it that much, but maybe because I don’t like noodle generally. My friends said that it was good, and looking at its’ worldwide reviewers, maybe I was alone with my opinion.

After a few glasses of $4 White Russian, we are now back in the hotel.

For me, nothing beats traveling with your best friends, not even snorkelling. I am also thankful for Yin, who brought her hi tech camera everywhere and recorded our whole trip. I want to write more, but too tired you guys. Off to bed.