Wolf Full Moon in Leo Strength The Empress Moon Void Tarot

Zero Energy on Full Moon in Leo

Howllo! It is the Wolf Full Moon in Leo ♌︎.

Leading into it, I had some plan to honour the Leo (Strength) full moon (The Empress) by doing fiery, action-oriented things like cooking the spicy mutton vindaloo I had promised Fafa; or at least clock in more kilometres while running.

But instead, I woke up feeling exhausted with no reason. I had to drag myself out of bed and go through the work-day motions with low energy; skipping cooking, running even meditating.

We still went out for dinner; delicious African cuisine at Nyala but only with one glass of wine I was ready to crash on the bed. So yeah, looks like the Full Moon in Leo managed to burn my energy completely today. So I am going to bed now, even though it’s only 9 PM. Hopefully, I woke up the next day feeling a lot better.

Goodnight Lioness Moon!

🦁 K

Farm Staycation Tarot Spread

Echuca Farm Staycation Tarot Spread

Travel Spread position —

  1. My vibe during the staycation
  2. The staycation’s energy
  3. Something to focus on or be mindful of during the staycation
  4. A must (do/see/experience) on the staycation
  5. The staycation’s highlights
  6. Souvenir or lesson learned from the staycation

Here is my reading for our Farm staycation —

My vibe during the trip: Four of Swords

The staycation’s energy: King of Cups

Something to focus on during the staycation: Strength

A must (do/see/experience) on the staycation: Judgement

The staycation’s highlights: The Sun

Souvenir or lesson learned from the staycation: Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Cards

My Deck Deciding Tarot Cards

Whenever I like a tarot deck, enough to consider getting it, I have a set of go to cards that help me to make the decision whether it’s a deck I want invite into my life. Though it’s not a hard and fast rule, I follow it most of the time as it helps to culled my obsession over tarot decks.

Here are the cards I look for in the new deck that help me to make the decision:

Major Arcana: The Fool (I don’t like decks where it looks like The Fool is deliberately falling off the cliff), Strength (it’s the number 8 – my fave number. Also it’s strength/power – something I gratify towards), The Hermit (ultimate Virgo card), The Hanged Man (my tarot birth card), The Tower (my fave “bad card”) and The Star (the wish card).

Minor Arcana: Eight of Wands in the Wands suits (travel card), Ten of Cups in the Cups suits (my idea of contentment), Six of Swords in the Swords suits (the ultimate healing card) and Nine of Pentacles in the Pentacles suits (the energy I wish to emulate in life. My dream state of life).

Court Cards: I don’t rely on court cards to decide whether to get a tarot deck or not, but sometimes, I look at their Queens. Even then, it’s only the Queen of Wands (my fave among the four Queens) and on rarer occasion, the Queen of Swords (the Queen I relate the most with).

Winery Weekend Getaway Tarot Spread

Fafa and I are heading to Mornington Peninsula, Victoria’s winery region, for a much needed weekend getaway.

While waiting for him to get ready and do his last-minute packing 🙄 I pulled a few cards to re-create my go-to travel spread.

Travel Spread position —

  1. My vibe during the trip
  2. The trip’s energy
  3. Something to focus on or be mindful of during the trip
  4. A must (do/see/experience) on the trip
  5. The trip’s highlights
  6. Lesson learned from the trip

Here is my reading for this trip —

My vibe during the trip: Ace of Swords (R)

I feel like I am going on this trip with highly-strung energy. Not the good kind. These past few days have been a bit too much. I have started feeling the tiring Thursday energy since Tuesday morning, dragging myself to get through the rest of the workweek. And the reversed position confirmed it.

The trip’s energy: Four of Swords

I let out a relieved sigh when I flipped open the Four of Swords.

Resting, relaxing and taking a pause.

Thank God! I am ready to absorb the restful energy served by the trip.

To focus on: Explorer of Wands (Knight of Wands)

The guide books says to:

Release (my) inhibitions, get fired up and be unapologetically alive.

I can only interpret it to get the fire-place going and get all warm and cozy near it tonight.

A must-do on the trip: Strength

Strangely I interpret this to explore the nature around the are. Maybe I can do it during my planned morning run tomorrow.

The highlight of the trip: Explorer of the Swords (Knight of Swords)

Lesson from the trip: Guardian of The Swords (Queen of Swords)

It looks like this trip is going to be dominated by the Swords energy. From my own vibe to the lesson to learn from the trip. Even the Strength from the Spacious Tarot deck is depicted by prickly cactus, and if I push it, the Wands hold by the tail of the Salamander (to focus on) looked like a sword.

Which means, I might have to put my drink-all-the-wine-all-the-way-to-our-Airbnb-until-I-pass-out plan on hold and embrace the what looks like might be an intellectually stimulating trip?

I packed a couple more books and an extra pen anticipation extra journaling time.

I also told Fafa, not to his delight, to be prepared for deep conversations and mini self-discovery sessions, in case we are called to do so. He finally agreed, only after I promised to draw him a bubble bath at the end of the day.

This Might Hurt Tarot Spread Isabella Rotman

Celtic Cross Spread: Will I Get The Job?

1. Significator – Knight of Wands

2. The Challenge – Five of Cups

3. The Root Cause – Eight of Wands

4. The Past – Five of Wands

5. The Possible Outcome – Queen of Swords

6. The Near Future – Six of Swords

7. Yourself – Two of Pentacles

8. Environment – The Sun

9. Hope and Fears – The Emperor

10. Final Outcome – Strength

11. Lesson – Three of Cups

Herbal Tarot

Herbal Tarot Deck

Herbal Tarot is a plant-based tarot deck. I am into it due to the element of Earth, with trees and herbs being the center of each card image.

This was the deck that I almost rebelled and bought at Spellbox when we were required to bring the classic Rider Waite Smith (RWS) tarot deck to the tarot class, but I ended up getting a normal, sober, mini-sized RWS deck instead.

Ever since I started collecting indoor house plants and practicing grounding meditation regularly, I have become more curious about Herbalism. Also, herbs are connected to essential oils which is something I use on a daily basis too.

The deck and the guidebook have the potential to make us Biology-textbook-smart as an awesome side effect.

What I don’t like about the deck is that it’s too similar to the RWS deck. Also, the colors are pretty old school, not popping enough for my taste.

Cards in the deck: It is amusing to see the Cayenne Pepper decipher as the strength symbol on the Strength card. Well, the pepper has a strong taste indeed, the kind I like. I also like the hidden symbols of infinity on her hat. Meanwhile, I truly despise The Devil card from this deck.

Green Witch Tarot Deck

This deck has everything that I want for on a tarot deck.

It has people, strong symbolism and storylines. The story even felt deeper than my Everyday Witch Tarot deck. And it comes with a guidebook as well. Just that I feel like it’s too close to my current deck. The Everyday Witch is heavily blue color themed, whereas this one is heavily green color themed tarot deck Do I really want such similar pictures when I want to do a proper comparison. But on the other hand, the four suits and some major arcana cards have different names than the traditional ones, which makes it quite interesting. Still, I think, at this novice reader stage, I shall stick with the basics to deepen my tarot knowledge instead of widening it.

Strength card: I love the fact that it is Hecate who is holding the lion. She is a goddess I can easily relate to, a different culture interpretation of Kali.

Tarot Of Trees

The cards in Tarot of Trees deck don’t have people, story or heavy symbolism of them. Essentially, it’s just various paintings of trees, which usually isn’t my type at all, but the colors are enigmatically vivid. The pull from the deck has been strong ever since I laid my eyes on it, kinda like love at the first sight.

Strength card: I was prepared to like this deck slightly less when I was about to review the Strength card, because, well how would a tree stand out compared to the other 77 trees in the deck? But then I googled, saw and loved it!

Nefertari Tarot

Nefertari’s Tarot

I like the Nefertari’s Tarot deck from the minute I laid my eyes on it with the gold N letter on the box that looked like a tilted K for me.

I don’t know about you guys, but I dreamt about being the descendant of Egyptian princess ever since I watched The Mummy in 1999. The Nefertiti Tarot deck would be be a way to connect with my Egyptian princess side.

Another thing, every card has the image of a cat. Although I am not sure of cats only tarot decks yet, I am a huge advocate of having cats as a symbol or familia.

So what’s not to like, right? Well, there are a few cons. First of all, the images are regal but unkind. The vibes are too serious, dark and almost sad.

Cards on the deck: I hated the way they portrayed the Fool who looked mean, but loved The Devil card. Other than the fact the Nefertiti side boob is proudly presented, the Strength card seems stale. The lion is not tame and the lady looks robotic.