Ten of Swords Trip Back Home

I think I experienced hell recently by sitting on a window seat in a plane for 12 hours without standing nor sleeping on my way back from Amsterdam to Melbourne. The only good thing about the flight was the Indonesian food (written in Bahasa Indonesia) on the in-flight menu: ikan bakar madu – honey glazed bbq fish.

Thankfully I had a stopover in Singapore.

I stretched my legs, had a quick meal (it was breakfast or lunch or dinner depends on which time I referred to) with my cousin, who was going home to Jakarta. I spent the rest of my hour at the airport in the bookstore where I bought a book about the city I once called home before boarding another plane that would take me to Melbourne.

This time, I requested an aisle seat, which I usually dislike because of all the disruptions, but I thought it would be better for me if I still felt like stretching. Weirdly, I slept off the minute the plan went up in the sky and only got woken up the next day when they served the in-flight meal (which I too wasn’t sure whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner).

A smooth immigration process and $83 taxi ride later, I was finally home.

SQ – Singapore to Melbourne

Going back was a hard thing. I kept gulping, knowing that it won’t be easy to see them all together in the same place. Thank God I was still nursing a hangover and was too tired trying the act like my 20s in my 30s. I tried to sleep on the flight back but the lady beside me kept judging my tv choice: sex scene in STAC, the sex scene in GIRLS, and sex scenes in Insecure.

Do you know when they say your friends are the family that you choose? In my case, it’s kind of true.

Someone told me once that I don’t have many friends, and I agree. I can easily count the friends who know the real me, the ones who have seen me crying over crazy shit, someone who I can message in the middle of the night with my deepest insecurities. I don’t have many of them, but I would travel halfway across the world for them.

SQ – Melbourne to Singapore

My Singapore weekend officially started when the boarding lady, Tracy, asked me whether I was just stopping over in Singapore on my way to Indonesia. I told her no, not this time.

This time I was flying to Singapore to spend the weekend with my best friends.

She then moved my seat so that I didn’t seat near the children’s area on the flight.

I thanked her profoundly. There’s nothing worse than sitting near crying babies on a flight. Lucky me! Or so I thought. But not so much, apparently, I would be flying with a rugby little league to Singapore.

I would take one crying baby over twenty unshowered, hormone-driven teenage boys who are traveling somewhere to compete. F&@#!

Japanese in SQ – SG to Narita

I am on the plane to Japan. They served authentic Japanese cuisine and it was oishi!

If the food in SQ tastes like today, I am looking looking forward to another gastronomical experience in the air in ten days.

Oh, next ten days feel so far away.

It feels like writing on a clean empty pages of a book that will be filled with amazing memories. But let’s not deny it will go so so fast!

I wonder how can we make the holiday last longer? At least for it to feel longer? Wake up early or earlier? Stay up pass our bedtime? Meet the local? I should email Kota, my Japanese counterpart, for a drink? Wouldn’t that be weird?

Idk something needs to be done though.

To make our Japanese memory last longer, the first thing I am going to do once we land is to ask Fafa to try to the toilet. And for me to find a matcha pudding in Starbucks.

Oh man, I am kinda obsessed with Starbucks in Japan?

I should have started a blog category and start writing more about it years ago. Maybe I will.

Speaking of writing as in pen and paper. I have to ask Brenna of Battered Suitcase does she keep writing in her notebook and if yes why?

Ps, I bought a liquid art lipstick from Bobbi Brown in Melbourne airport today. My justifications: it’s a color that I don’t have currently and the tube looks innovative.

SQ Seat 58A 1.31 PM

I am on way to Narita. To Tokyo. To Japan. The last time I was there was in 2015. Less than 2 years ago, but with my constant yearning about Japan, it feels like a lifetime away.

We reached Singapore a couple of hours behind schedule. We headed straight to the food court for some chicken rice and teh-o.

I tried to book a transit hotel but it was full. Lack of plan on our part.

Ended up Ninja sleeping on the waiting room seat near the gate.

It was uncomfortable with occasionally being woken up by people onboarding and once by the Indian song played by the janitor.

A couple of dreams later — including the last one being unable to walk due to sharp pain in my tight and complaining it to Amma — I woke up to a real sharp pain because of the ninja style sleeping.

Having had enough with the sleeping, we decided to take shower in the lounge by paying $16 each at 5.10 AM.

It turned out to be the best thing we agreed on today.

I felt so much better and much more alive, relatively happier, and kind. I guess it’s true that they say nothing like a hot shower can’t fix. Feeling much lighter. We walked around and had kopi team breakfast: butter sugar toast and iced-lemon tea for Fafa, half boiled eggs and another teh-o for me.

We walked around and stopped at Starbucks to satiate my year long craving of Starbucks’ moist almond cake. I think they don’t carry it anymore 😞. Every time I tried to get it none of Singapore Starbucks have it. I think that’s officially become a memory from the past. RIP almond cake.

How To Take Bus from and to Melbourne Airport

Take the train to Southern Cross Station — From Southern Cross Station, take Skybus straight to the airport. Skybus leaves every 10 minutes. For more details, please check out the timetable here. Don’t forget to count the traveling time, which is around 1 hour from the city center.

Happy traveling, you guys!

Flyng Along Santa to Melbourne

I am on the plane now, which soon will fly off to Melbourne, where I am planning to spend Christmas, Anniversary, and New Year. Wheee!!Before that, I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! I will be either reading that or playing Neko Atsume, which was introduced by Yin to us recently. I like the Japanese house background the cats, obvs, but I still don’t know whether I want to invest my time, heart, and effort into this game. I figure I can decide while being stuck beside a stranger for the next 8 hours.