House Buying Tarot Reading

Overall there are signs of progress but also a frustrating delay. If nothing much comes to pass November time shows expansion and you’re on the edge about to step forward somewhere; I would hope by the end of the year you’ll be making an offer on a new abode.

Judgement tells me you are at a crossroads or soon will be at a turning point – it represents endings and beginnings for you so it would seem things are “moving” behind the scenes.

Spring is mentioned so maybe by then it will be resolved. 

Anna of Luna Wish Tarot.
The Lovers Moon Void Tarot

The Couch Potato Lovers

Interestingly, I draw this card today only after I looked for and wondered when will I get it. At first, I was planning a date night out with Fafa, but we ended up being couch potatoes from 6 PM onwards. But I ordered food for him, rubbed his feet, let him choose the TV show,  his TV choice and cut some cheese and bread for him. All in all, we had a loving Saturday night, as depicted by the tarot card, even though it doesn’t involve a romantic candlelight dinner.

For The Love of Tupperware

You have too many plastic boxes, Fafa complained. I raised one eyebrow as I reply. Boy, firstly, these plastic boxes are called Tupperware; it was a cultural icon. Also, it’s what’s keeping your food fresh much longer.

Man, I tell you! And mine doesn’t get my Tupperware obsession.

Though I will never admit it to him, Fafa is right. I do have too many “plastic boxes” as he called it. Yes, I am a wee bit obsessed with Tuperware. Kinda like Amma, who insisted that I bring back her Tupperware food containers from school or if I bring food to my friends or family member. Including the ones to her side of the family.

I never understand that until I realized that Tupperware is magical, with its microwaveable frozen thingy. Even though we never use the microwave at my parents’ after Appa read once that someone’s kidney got cooked by standing in front of the microwave.

Also, Tupperware is not cheap! And it comes with different sets and pretty seasonal colour and model wise (good strategy Tupperware company), so if you lost one, you wouldn’t have a complete set again. Not unlike a collector item.

That’s also made me wonder whether it would be ultimate accomplishment in my Amma’s eyes if I work in the Tupperware company? Or it would backfire as she would expect me to bring a new Tupperware home every month.

The Hoarders

My parents are hoarders. I had noticed their hoarding tendency long before I knew the actual term.

Hoard. Hoarding. Hoarders.

And ever since I turned into a rebellious teenager, I have started sneaking some of their stuff which I thought to able useless and throw it outside, without them knowing obviously. I did this regularly until I moved out of the house a few years ago.

If you wonder —

No. I don’t feel guilty for having done it.

No. My parents still don’t know what I did. Only Jik knew about this well-kept family secret (and now you do).

Only time will tell whether I have inherited the hoarding gene.

And yes. I am obsessed with The Hoarders TV show.