Five of Swords

The Five of Swords Take on Achieving Goals

Today, I did a new moon tarot spread ritual. Being an Aries ♈︎ new moon, the first zodiac in the cycle with a new beginning theme attached to it, I did the spread focusing on the goals I set for myself this year. The last card on the spread was the “message from the Universe“, and I got the Five of Swords.

Five of Swords is about:

conflict resulting in winning but not really (winning at all costs) or being defeated.

Neither is a message I expected to get when asking about achieving my goals.

The card I pulled was from the Tarot of The Divine deck by Yoshi Yoshitani (yep, I finally got the deck after waiting for more than six months). Here, the card shows Anubis, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, holding five scythes while the fertility Goddess Isis is mourning near his feet.

Btw, I feel like it’s worth mentioning that looking at the card only and associating it with The Five of Swords‘ traditional meaning, one might interpret it as Anubis has defeated Iris in the duel. That’s not the case. In the Egyptian mythology, Anubis restored Iris’s husband, Orisis’s, chopped dead body parts, turning him into the first mummy. Therefore, Anubis is more of an ally instead of an opponent. It flipped Five of Swords’ classic deception, which is traditionally drawn as two opposing sides, one side winning and causing a grievance to the other side. Because of this and many other distorted links between the image on the cards and the mythologies behind each of them, I am not sure whether I want to celebrate this deck as the culture-themed tarot deck that I have been waiting for all my tarot-practicing life.

Five of Swords Tarot

Anyway, back to the Five of Swords and my achievement-focused Aries ♈︎ new moon tarot spread. After some mulling-over, I remembered a story from the mega-inspiring book that I read years ago: Happier by Tal Ben Shahar. He started the book with a story of being disappointed after winning a race he put so much effort into because he thought it would make him happy (the classic: I will be happy when *insert future achievements here*), but it didn’t, because achieving goals doesn’t equal being happy/happier.

I guess the Universe is trying to tell me the same thing:

Achieving all my 2021 goals won’t bring me happiness.

Both might work parallelly and possibly interlinked, but I’d be a fool to see them as the same things. This, though I don’t like to admit, is a good reminder for a goal-hungry Virgo like myself.

Now, how do I cultivate happiness, which is the ultimate goal?

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2021

I wish you a happier, easier and more magickally precedented year 💛

Today we checked out from the lovely farmhouse airbnb we have been staying for a week, leaving Echuca behind and went back home to Melbourne.

On the way, we stopped at Bendigo where we had not-bad-for-a-town-lunch at Cantina Mexicana – though having to pay $3 for their bland AF sauce pinched me a little bit. Before leaving Bendigo, I went inside the Bendigo Art Gallery gift shop to almost buy a jewellery which I thought was made by an indigenous artist. It wasn’t. I didn’t get it.

3 hour drive later, we were back in our cozy Melbourne apartment. I was tired enough to take a short nap before the Japanese dinner we booked to continue the tradition of eating Japanese food and drinking sake on the new year’s day, even though we weren’t in Japan.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good experience. The food was below standard, especially for the price they charge. Oh well, at least we got to eat Japanese food and tried a new thing (we had never been to the restaurant before and definitely never coming back) on new year’s day.

Back at home, I called my parents to once again wish them a very happy new year and promised that I would come ASAP once I got the vaccine. Then, I called Jik and we went on talking about everything under the sun that went on for more then two hours. After that, I listed down a few things I am grateful for today and with that I drifted off to the la la land.

Good, Better and Best

Zen-ish Japanese Breakfast

Good feeling is..

Sitting in a coffee shop on a Monday afternoon. Better if, you have a seat by the window, perfect for people watching. Best if, you do it while traveling.

Looking down at your perfectly pedicured feet. Better if, it’s in fun color.

Wearing sunnies. Better if, it makes you look quirky.

Wearing two piece bathing suit. Finally, not because you have lost weight, but because you are brave enough to do it. Better if, you feel comfortable in it.

Have your songs being played at a public place. Better if, you sway to it.

Being served your favorite dessert. Better if, you don’t have to share it with anyone. Best if, you eat it without an ounce of guilt feeling.

Wearing socks on cold days. Better if, wearing the softness bunny-eared ones on the plane.

Not having to wear paper underwear while traveling. Better if, you remember to pack enough quick-dry ones.

Birthday Tarot Reading

I got a birthday tarot reading as a part of my birthday tradition. I think it’s fun to have the cards show what lies ahead for the next 12 months.This time, I went to a new tarot reader, who kept addressing me with the wrong name, even though I corrected her more than a few times. Thankfully, she did my birthday tarot reading in depth.

She used her well-worn tarot deck, not the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck I had seen before, but something similar. Halfway through the reading, she realized that I understood tarot a bit. It made the reading more interesting, at least that’s how I felt from a client’s perspective.

The first round was for the things on the surface, next was for what lies behind, the spiritual messages and finally to reveal what does destiny have in mind.To be honest, the birthday tarot spread was a bit too complicated for my liking, with almost all the cards on the deck making an appearance. But still, I prefer this than a shallow reading, especially since I didn’t have a specific question or issue to get a bit of advice for. Also, she cursed Donald Trump in between and was fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, so overall, it had been a pretty fun reading.

Suit of Pentacles

I don’t remember the reading in details except for a few main points such as the reoccurring pentacles suit, which relates to finance, self-sufficient and hard-work. Firstly, the birthday card was Two of Pentacles which I took as striving through a balanced life.

She kept reminding me that I have to let go of the scarcity mentality (Five of Pentacles) and that attaining the big goal is in the book for next year (Ten of Pentacles), but I shouldn’t even think about it before I cross off a celebration ━ the wedding (Four of Wands) and next travel ━ my Japan trip (Eight of Wands).

Funnily enough, I have been working to sort my money mindset and reach financial goals. It felt like a nudge that I am going in the right direction.

Major Arcana and the Queen

There was The Sun card which represented my parents’ blessings. the Queen of Wands also appeared as a strong presence of my grandma, who she described as a fiery woman, though I had never seen this side of my grandma. It reminded me of the similar statement made by the other tarot reader more than a year ago.There will be an end of an era (Death card) during Scorpio month this year. Ha! In relation to that, The Lovers card appeared on my relationship spread and she also told me about the possibility of having a son that shares the same astrological element as mine.When she flipped open The Moon card, she asked me how do I feel about it, as most of her clients are scared of it. I told her that I felt a strong connection towards the moon and she replied that it’s good as the moon is all about intuition.

Birthday Wish Card

The Nine of Pentacles also made an appearance during the birthday tarot reading. Similar to The Star card, it’s believed to be the granted wishes card in the tarot deck. It’s essentially saying that I will get the things that I wish for this year. Yes, I am fully on board with this reading.

Finally, I asked her to share one main intake from the birthday tarot reading. She advised following my intuition. Sound advice, don’t you think?!

Right before leaving, I felt compelled to suggest to her to move to Bali and start her tarot business there.