Tarot Reading at Work on Halloween

We had a Halloween party in the office today. Many dressed up as witches, including yours truly, obviously!

I decorated the non-existence cubicle with crystals, Miaw, and tarot cards. I even managed to read my colleagues’ future on which hair color to get next and whether they would score a girlfriend before the end of the year.

Scary Movies and Sugar Rush

This year, I am keeping my Halloween celebration pretty low key.

As low as raiding Amma’s secret stash of candies (yes, she really has it and no, I don’t know who she is hiding it from) and eating it in front of the TV.

Scary movies marathon accompanied with sugar rush is the theme. It’s okay, I am good, this will do for this year.

Blog Lovin’

Happy Halloween Loves!

Do you celebrate Halloween in your part of the world? We do here.

I went to Universal Studios Singapore with some friends and I am embarrassed to admit I closed my eyes in all the three haunted houses. I was such a scaredy-cat; the only part where I was at peace was in the gift shops.

Eh btw, this post actually isn’t about Halloween. Well maybe only a little..

It’s about blog loving other blogs. So here goes, some of my favorite posts from the bloggers who I follow:

  • Since it’s a Halloween week, let start by checking out the geekiest costume in the blogosphere.
  • Thoughts on pre-solo-traveling never have been better put.
  • Visiting Taipei? You should stay in the Ximending area, maybe here. And eat here and try the uber-cute Hello Kitty sweets here.
  • Again about Halloween costumes, but this one is kids edition.
  • And lastly, I put Gyeongbokgung in my Korea itinerary, thanks to Bri.

Got to go now, I have to pack. Have I told you I hate packing?

Gosh, I hate packing.

At least I am packing because I will be flying home (YAY!!) to celebrate Diwali with my parents.

USS Halloween

I celebrated Halloween at Universal Studio Singapore with Fafa, Jik and W.

The theme was The Evil Sisters, Maiden of the Opera, Daughter of the Undead, and Crone of the Forest together were the main characters on that night, together with supporting vampires, ghosts, and whatnot.

It was scary shit of an event, I almost peed on my pants half of the time we were there.

But now, still alive with no visible vampire bite marks, I am glad I went there.

It was one of my most memorable Halloween celebrations ever.