Farm Staycation Tarot Spread

Echuca Farm Staycation Tarot Spread

Travel Spread position —

  1. My vibe during the staycation
  2. The staycation’s energy
  3. Something to focus on or be mindful of during the staycation
  4. A must (do/see/experience) on the staycation
  5. The staycation’s highlights
  6. Souvenir or lesson learned from the staycation

Here is my reading for our Farm staycation —

My vibe during the trip: Four of Swords

The staycation’s energy: King of Cups

Something to focus on during the staycation: Strength

A must (do/see/experience) on the staycation: Judgement

The staycation’s highlights: The Sun

Souvenir or lesson learned from the staycation: Wheel of Fortune

Winery Weekend Getaway Tarot Spread

Fafa and I are heading to Mornington Peninsula, Victoria’s winery region, for a much needed weekend getaway.

While waiting for him to get ready and do his last-minute packing 🙄 I pulled a few cards to re-create my go-to travel spread.

Travel Spread position —

  1. My vibe during the trip
  2. The trip’s energy
  3. Something to focus on or be mindful of during the trip
  4. A must (do/see/experience) on the trip
  5. The trip’s highlights
  6. Lesson learned from the trip

Here is my reading for this trip —

My vibe during the trip: Ace of Swords (R)

I feel like I am going on this trip with highly-strung energy. Not the good kind. These past few days have been a bit too much. I have started feeling the tiring Thursday energy since Tuesday morning, dragging myself to get through the rest of the workweek. And the reversed position confirmed it.

The trip’s energy: Four of Swords

I let out a relieved sigh when I flipped open the Four of Swords.

Resting, relaxing and taking a pause.

Thank God! I am ready to absorb the restful energy served by the trip.

To focus on: Explorer of Wands (Knight of Wands)

The guide books says to:

Release (my) inhibitions, get fired up and be unapologetically alive.

I can only interpret it to get the fire-place going and get all warm and cozy near it tonight.

A must-do on the trip: Strength

Strangely I interpret this to explore the nature around the are. Maybe I can do it during my planned morning run tomorrow.

The highlight of the trip: Explorer of the Swords (Knight of Swords)

Lesson from the trip: Guardian of The Swords (Queen of Swords)

It looks like this trip is going to be dominated by the Swords energy. From my own vibe to the lesson to learn from the trip. Even the Strength from the Spacious Tarot deck is depicted by prickly cactus, and if I push it, the Wands hold by the tail of the Salamander (to focus on) looked like a sword.

Which means, I might have to put my drink-all-the-wine-all-the-way-to-our-Airbnb-until-I-pass-out plan on hold and embrace the what looks like might be an intellectually stimulating trip?

I packed a couple more books and an extra pen anticipation extra journaling time.

I also told Fafa, not to his delight, to be prepared for deep conversations and mini self-discovery sessions, in case we are called to do so. He finally agreed, only after I promised to draw him a bubble bath at the end of the day.

Chicken or Egg-ing with Four of Swords

Four of Swords Spacious Tarot

It’s my third day of working with the Spacious Tarot deck. I pulled my card of the day this morning and “huh?!”-ed it.

I have a packed day ahead. I have to work, run, and study chapter 3 from start and to finish. If I play my cards right (pun intended), I’ll be done right before my bed time. Enough time for me to sink on the bed with Nora Ephron’s Heartburn.

Then why Four of Swords?”, I wondered.

Four of Swords is about resting, pausing and taking a break.

I couldn’t afford to take a break, I have an exam next week! So I put the card aside and went on with my day.

I cruised through work and got ready to change my gear into studying. But, for the love of all things Ethics, I couldn’t. I was tired and snooze-y.

And I tried.

I tried to study from 4PM which soon became 5.30 PM and then 7 PM. The minutes and hours kept passing, my brain refused to absorb anything.

I couldn’t focus however much I tried.

I admitted defeat at 9 PM and went to take a shower.

In the shower, I kept thinking about how bizarre the day has been.

Though I am not the most disciplined person I know, I am usually able to trick myself into studying. Be it with snacks, turning the chapters completion into games, or telling myself to commit just to one more page.

But no tricks worked today.

Oh well, If my brain refused to learn today, so be it I thought.

That included UberEats-ing bubble tea and telling myself I could play with my phone after every 45 mins of studying.

Then only it dawned on me — that was what the Four of Swords was telling me about in the morning. That, I would be resting even if it’s forced, instead of my own choosing.

Either that, or the card has been suggestively sending signals to my brain to rest all day. 

Not that it mattered anymore. It is past midnight now. I will restart my study tomorrow. Hopefully this time, won’t get the Seven of Pentacles.

Reminder from Four of Swords

Keywords: Burnout. Rest. Stress. Retreat. Peace. Support.

Got 4 Swords today. A reminder to rest and some me-time. On a Monday when I have 26 to do things on my list. I have a CV to update until yoga class to go back to after almost 2 weeks of hiatus; with a doctor appointment, a film camera to develop, and coins to deposit. What are you trying to tell me tarot cards? Did you give a clear reading because I haven’t showered when I drew the card (as in I still carried the resting-in-the-bed energy) or should I draw another card for clarification?

Sunshine Coast Trip Tarot Spread

Vacation Tarot Spread

  1. My vibe during the trip
  2. The trip’s energy
  3. Something to focus or be mindful about during the trip
  4. A must (do/see/experience) on the trip
  5. The highlight of the trip
  6. Lesson or gift from the trip

Here is my reading for the Sunshine Coast trip —

My vibe during the trip: Knight of Cups (R)

The traditional interpretation of Knight of Cups: He is charming and attractive to others. He is also ruled by the heart more than the head.

I interpreted it as either my excited anticipation of the vacation time or if I read it on reverse, a warning to myself. 

That, I won’t be able to enjoy the holiday fully if I let my mind get distracted by a personal issue I am struggling with at the moment.

The trip’s energy: Ten of Swords*

Ha! This is going to be a killer trip.

10 of Swords can be interpreted as a painful ending which must occur for there to be growth and regeneration. This card is very appropriate in the are of mental transformation. There would be a forceful reevaluation or elimination of the previous attitude in life. 

To focus on: Four of Swords

I guess I should use this trip to take it easy. To rest and recharge under the sun. Also, I used the Everday Witch Tarot deck, and on the card, my focus fell on the witch’s hat. So I packed a sun hat. 

A must-do on the trip: Two of Wands (R)

Am I nudged to spend more time to day-dream? Maybe I should bring my journal.

The highlight of the trip: Nine of Cups

This trip will give me a chance to indulge in life’s luxuries. To enjoy good food, relax in the beach resort. To count my blessings, be grateful and embrace living in the moment.

For all these to happen, I should leave my worries in the past, so I can look forward to a bright future. 

Lesson from the trip: Ten of Pentacles (R)

This trip will be able to nurture my soul if I let it be. 

But also, reading the reversal — there is a possibility of coming back to a red bank balance. This trip had passed the budget I put for it, even before I started it, but I am okay with it.

Sunshine Coast here I come!

*Update: The trip energy card’s (Ten of Swords) message couldn’t be anymore more transparent. After almost dying of drowning, I feel like I went on a rite of passage!