The Spacious Tarot Deck Interview

Tell me about you:

1. Your vibe:

Nine of Cups.

2. What type of reading suits you best/What are you good at?

The High Priestess.

3. What is a challenge for you?

Six of Swords.

4. How to treat you?

Four of Pentacles.

5. How do you spill your tea?

The Emperor.

6. What are you here for?

Seven of Pentacles.

7. Our vibes together:

Eight of Cups.

Four of Pentacles in Tarot

Grumpy man card.

Image: A man, with a grumpy face, sitting on a chest while holding a coin. There is a coin under each of his feet. He is wearing a crown. The only person in the deck wearing a crown, other than the Kings. He must be somewhat rich.

Background: A metropolitan city.

Familia: -.

Misc: Crown.

Elements: Earth.

Keywords: Stability. Possessions. Control. Greed. Obsession. Hoarding. Fear of scarcity. Boundaries.

Additional Traits

Soul Sister Cards:

Suit: Pentacles.

Numerology: Minor Arcana number 4.

Zodiac: Capricorn.

Events: Illness.

Vibes: Negative.

Four of Pentacles

Meanings:  Possessiveness. Hoarding. Scarcity mindset. Seeking out more control in life.

Me and the card:

Today: (10.03.20) – not a surprise, I draw this card on my first day of period, when I hardly smiled the whole day.