Soi 38 Thai Restaurant Melbourne

Soi 38 Soi Yummy

It was an impromptu date in an unassuming restaurant, which I have seen plenty in Singapore but never in Melbourne.

For the lack of pretentiousness alone, I knew it would be a treat to eat at Soi 38. A place I have been wanting to go to since last year, but no-thanks to Covid and whatnot, it only happened this week.

Soi 38 is located inside a Wilson Parking carpark in Melbourne CBD area. I made a booking for 6.15 PM (booking is highly recommended) at 5.45 PM and went to The Paperback bookshop to spend time there while waiting for Fafa who had a gym class.

At 6.30 PM, we have put our order in: Thai BBQ set, Thai iced tea, coconut juice, Som Tum as the entree and my fave mango sticky rice dessert. The BBQ set came with various meat and seafood, noodles, vegetables and a single egg—all to be cooked on the tabletop bbq stove.

To say I was delighted would be an understatement.

The food, dipped in their homemade Thai sauce, was delicious. And the crowd was interesting. That evening, the place was bursting with diversity, from suit-wearing business people to pierced belly flashing student.

I will come back again, bring all my friends and recommend Soi 38 to anyone.


Denmark Copenhagen Food Tour

Last Day in Denmark: Danish Pastries and Danish Paperback

We started today by loading up on delicious Danish pastries at the famous La Glaze. Thankfully, it managed to soak up the leftover alcohol in my system, while the cappuccino helped diminish the hangover traces. With it, I was ready to enjoy my last day in Denmark.

After some reflect-and-pray time inside the beautiful Church of Our Lady, we went on to join our walking food tour group. I am happy to report that my last hours in Copenhagen were filled with good food, strong drinks, interesting people, and fun facts. Soon after we rushed back to the hotel to check out and leave for Amsterdam; unfortunately, it meant I didn’t get to go to any bookstore in Denmark, which was a bummer as going to the bookstore is one of the must-dos on my travel check-list.

Hey to think about it, now that we have checked it and all, maybe there is a bookstore in this airport! All right guys, gtg, I am off to buy Miek Wieking latest book, The Art of Making Memories. It would be great if I can score the (English version) book here, in the land of Danish itself. Wish me luck!

Ps. I got the book! I am going to read on the plane to Amsterdam. Super delighted!

Pps. I also got a few other souvenirs. Mostly for myself. #keepingitreal