Film Camera MjuII Kodak Colorplus 400 Mirror Selfie 2020 Meletos

Selfie on Film

I was introduced to film photography by a colleague turned friend, Pri. 

In the late 2019 I scored my first film camera (second hand on eBay) and started practising shooting film. 
Shooting film teaches you many things.

My most significant learning though was humility. Especially when some of what I thought would be “winning shots” came out blurry. 

This was the first camera-selfie shot I took that was not blurry. It was taken during our Meletos stay late last year.

Fingers crossed there will be more coming with more practice and learning.

Film Camera MjuII Kodak Colorplus 400 Meletos

5 Frames Of.. Meletos Winery Staycation on Kodak ColorPlus 400

Our Meletos staycation at the end of last year turned out to be so-so only.

Although the weather was gorgeous that weekend, the winery was beautiful and their books collection was interesting; the food, the service and the room could be much better.

Some of my fave parts of the Meletos stay was the beautifully decorated lobby area, this time of Christmas theme, the aromatherapy smell oozing for it and the plenty of beautiful books laying there. In the room, I love the unbelievable nice smelling toiletries ($40), the big bathroom, the two sinks and the small nice touch wooden door closet and the super-soft bed and the windows that can be opened wide.

Meanwhile, enjoy the 5 frames of our winery stay which I took with Mjuii film camera using Kodak Colorplus 400.

Film Camera MjuII Kodak Colorplus 400 Meletos Living Room
Film Camera MjuII Kodak Colorplus 400 Meletos Journal
Film Camera MjuII Kodak Colorplus 400 Meletos
Film Camera MjuII Kodak Colorplus 400 Meletos
Japan Train Station Film Photography

A Personal Blog Might Be The Answer

I have been ignoring the notion of keeping two blogs simultaneously for the longest time. I pushed the idea almost immediately when it sprouted in my mind. Tbh, I think the idea could have never been my own, as it’s just beyond me why people would keep two blogs at the same time.

Abandoning one and starting a new one — with a new look, new niche, new topic of interest or new name? — sign me up. I am here for it. And I have done that plenty in the past (RIP Tr4velGeek, ForeignGeek, NomadWitch, JoyMagick, TarotKween, DaysofW, and QuarantineBuddy).

But never keeping two blogs at the same time.

I didn’t see the point because I could write whatever I wanted in my one blog. Until it was pointed out to me, by a “blogging guru” if I want my blog to grow, it’s best not. Because you know, niche and all. So I weeded out the KultureKween blog, removing anything that is not within the cultural niche.

A year ago, I asked a tarot reader to read about my blog. It was the first reading of many on the same topic (yes, I am obsessed enough with my blog to get multiple reading for it).

I don’t remember much of her answer, most probably because I couldn’t resonate with it. But there was a part where I complained to her that felt like I can’t write about other things other than culture, how that thought crippled me, and I ended up not writing at all.

Sometimes a trip to a beach is just that, you know, a trip to the beach. I want to be able to write about it on my blog without constantly trying to tie the experience from a cultural angle”. I mumbled to her.

She pulled out a card and suggested the obvious:

“Why not keep another blog on the side?”

I peeked over the card, The Temperance.

At that time, I had just started learning tarot reading and Temperance was (and at times still) a card that I have a hard time understanding. Balance was the only thing that came into mind.

Maybe” I answered her noncommittally, because the truth was I came to her because I was tired — feeling dragged by the current blog. Therefore, having another blog, a second blog, seemed like going in the opposite direction of what I wished for: to draw joy from my passion.

Fast forward to a few months ago (read Covid Diary: 6 Months), when I sat on the bathroom floor, feeling panicky for not keeping a diary to record my life during the early stage of Covid.

The midnight mild anxiety attack stemmed from reading people’s Covid diaries. I felt a pang of jealously.  Not of their experiences — but because they recorded their thoughts meticulously.

Dawn O’Porter even managed to write and publish a contemporary memoir about the pandemic, titled Life in Pieces, during this pandemic!

The next day, 8 August 2020, I paid $4.99 to Apple and jumped into the Dayone app. I spent the next week painstakingly copying the drafts I have kept in Evernote there. From then onward, I restarted diarising my life. Sometimes it is just a one-worded entry. Other times it goes on to a length of a blog post.

Though I didn’t notice it immediately, keeping a diary has been another anchor for my mental health well-being during Covid. Keeping a journal and updating it regularly pushes me to observe and write more. Soon after, I read Buy Yourself the Fucking Lilies and was inspired to write morning pages daily. 

These were the things that restarted my passion for writing anything and everything I wanted. It’s not in a noncohesive morning pages kind of way, but more like it might not be great, but still shareable kind of way.

That’s why I started Kovfefed. Well, it was at first. I told myself I don’t need to pay for yet another blog if I can commit to writing on it daily for a full month.

That was two months ago today. turned into just Kovfefed sometime in between when WordPress offered 50% off of their paid plans. I subscribed to the cheapest one so that I can upload more photos. I also changed the Libre theme (which layout I loved the most) to Seedlet (which has the pagination at the bottom). It’s not the best, but that’s the only free one. One day, if I commit to daily writing for a more extended period of time, I will treat myself to Gema, the sexiest theme on WordPress.

Meanwhile, I also managed to dump all unrelated-to-culture posts which I removed from KultureKween to Kovfefed. These posts ranged from the time I started my first blog when I moved to Singapore 13 years ago to the current happenings.

I filled the archive with my tarot notes, obsessive thoughts about blogging, jobless rants, travel photos, shareable morning pages, random musings and snippets from my diary. Some just with a one-word and picture or even just a title (for now. I plan to fill it later).

Unlike Kulture Kween where I feel like I have the obligation (and I say that as a term of endearment) to write about culture-related posts, Kovfefed is more like my blank canvas. A fun, creative outlet. 

My goal for KultureKween is to learn about culture by sharing it with others in writing. My goal for Kovfefed is to write and to practice my writing. And I can write whatever I want. Things I like, things I hate, and everything in between. That has been liberating.

And now, the actual point I wanted to make when I started writing this post 15 minutes ago, I can’t believe it took me this long to realize that having a personal blog is one of the best things I could have done for myself. If you are stuck with a writers’ block, consider that it might not be you, but it’s what you are writing about. And maybe a personal blog is the fix that your mind seeks.

Beauty in Ordinary Things

Back alley

Let’s talk about pausing to take notice of the beauty in ordinary things. A skill I am slowly losing, especially if it’s in my own backyards/city/country.

It’s a different story when I am traveling.

When I travel, I notice the vending machine, the local market, the train station, the neon sign, the everything. On my Japan trip, I started collecting Japanese manhole and Daruma doll pictures. Those might be ordinary things for Japanese, but not for me. And digging through the Blogosphere you must agree with me that some people’s ordinary things are not for others.

I even thought the picture of my back with beautiful scenery as a backdrop was interesting enough to be captured. So I did. For years. Now, I have an album in my iPhoto featuring my ass in cities around the world. Most weren’t flattering pictures, tbh. But I am yet to delete it. Maybe I can create a series and sell it someday when I am famous.

For me, the most fun of it is chasing the pattern of the ordinary things that I am attracted to. By paying extra attention to things. And lately, I have been wondering whether I can do this while not traveling. Especially these days, when I am not allowed to travel.

To not living life on autopilot by adding a little childlike wander into it.

So recently I started this micro project, to pay more attention to ordinary things at home. I have been collecting pictures of rainbows and day-time moon, which is a quite common sighting in Australia.

I hope it will lift my ordinary life and make it a bit more extraordinary.

Failing on Selfie

I don’t do selfie, but I have been inspired to take selfie on film ever since I stumbled upon SelfieonFilm IG account. So far I have tried it a few times, using both disposable and my Mjuii and different film rolls. So far, the result have been pretty f-ing disappointing.

Here are some of it:

I have to keep trying I guess.