Culture Themed Tarot Decks

There are only a handful of things in life that I am more obsessed with compared to tarot. One of it is culture (check out my other blog: KultureKween).

Eventually, researching the interconnection between traditions and tarot, which started as a curiosity, grew into an obsession and has now turned into a life goal.

I also must admit that I have spent an embarrassing amount of hours researching tarot decks with the two cultures that I associate the most with, Indonesian and Indian.

Though there are more than a few Indian culture themed tarot decks out there, I didn’t find any that I liked nor could relate to as of now.

As for the Indonesian themed tarot deck, first of all, I was surprised that it existed to begin with. It’s called Tarot of Nusantara but it didn’t call out to me either. Instead, I found some other culture themed decks that I absolutely adore. Here they are, sorted by my liking from top to bottom*.

1. Tarot of Divine – $22

With rich, vibrant art and a keen understanding of traditional tarot archetypes, illustrator Yoshi Yoshitani infuses Tarot of the Divine with worldly insight and an intriguing selection of fables and folktales from cultures across the globe. With fables from more than forty countries, this spiritual journey is a worldly experience like no other.

This is a dream deck for a culture-geek such as myself. That combined with the price and zero shipping fee made it too easy for me to click pre-order sometime last year. I am still waiting patiently for it to arrive at my doorstep.

2. Yokai Yochi Tarot – $53

There are plenty of Japanese culture themed tarot decks in the market. From the traditional art of Ukiye to the pop-culture Manga deck but none of it spoke to me as much as Yokai Yochi did. The deck portrays ghosts, folklore, and traditional Japanese artwork. This is the second time I have mentioned this deck on my tarot deck list. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and order it.

3. The Gentle Tarot – $60

The Gentle Tarot is an indigenous-made, hand-drawn tarot deck filled with imagery influenced by life in remote Alaska. Mariza, the artist behind Mari in the Sky and The Gentle Tarot deck, is a nature-inspired illustrator, grew with ceremony and daily rituals that connect us with the elements, songs that ancestors sang with words and sounds that speak to this connection. She is inspired to share the love, honor, and respect that the planet is due.

Best part: 10% of all proceeds from the deck sale are donated to ocean and climate change research.

4. The Delta Enduring Tarot – $50

I mentioned above that I couldn’t relate much with the Indian tarot decks out there, but then I could relate so much to some of the cards from The Delta Enduring Tarot deck.

It’s an illustrated tarot deck centering on the natural beauty and struggles of life in the Mississippi Delta. The Delta Enduring Tarot pays tribute to these ebbs and flows, and to the lives of those that continue to make the deep south a more verdant, just, and enduring landscape–despite the storm of oppression always on the horizon. Egan, the artist, is an illustrator born and raised in the arms of the Mississippi Delta. They practice medicine and the esoteric arts of magic, with a predilection for the healing of communal ritual.

This deck has been sold-out, therefore very hard to find. I am not sure whether it will ever be reproduced but I surely hope so.

5. The Hoodoo Tarot – $33

Celebrating the complex American Rootwork tradition, The Hoodoo Tarot integrates esoteric and botanical knowledge from Hoodoo with the divination system of the tarot. The cards features full-color paintings by magical-realist artist Katelan Foisy and elegantly interprets the classical tarot imagery through depictions of legendary rootworkers past and present as well as important Hoodoo symbolism. In the accompanying guidebook, Tayannah Lee McQuillar provides a history of Hoodoo and its complex heritage, including its roots in multiple African and Indigenous American ethnic groups as well as its European influences.

Read the interview with the artist here.

6. The Magical Nordic Tarot – $20

I almost got this deck a few times. I am into Nordic culture and lifestyle and it’s pretty affordable (it’s the cheapest deck on this list), but knowing the majority of the deck (all the minor arcana cards) is not illustrated left a lot to be desired.

*Prices are in USD, excluding shipping.

Denmark Copenhagen Food Tour

Last Day in Denmark: Danish Pastries and Danish Paperback

We started today by loading up on delicious Danish pastries at the famous La Glaze. Thankfully, it managed to soak up the leftover alcohol in my system, while the cappuccino helped diminish the hangover traces. With it, I was ready to enjoy my last day in Denmark.

After some reflect-and-pray time inside the beautiful Church of Our Lady, we went on to join our walking food tour group. I am happy to report that my last hours in Copenhagen were filled with good food, strong drinks, interesting people, and fun facts. Soon after we rushed back to the hotel to check out and leave for Amsterdam; unfortunately, it meant I didn’t get to go to any bookstore in Denmark, which was a bummer as going to the bookstore is one of the must-dos on my travel check-list.

Hey to think about it, now that we have checked it and all, maybe there is a bookstore in this airport! All right guys, gtg, I am off to buy Miek Wieking latest book, The Art of Making Memories. It would be great if I can score the (English version) book here, in the land of Danish itself. Wish me luck!

Ps. I got the book! I am going to read on the plane to Amsterdam. Super delighted!

Pps. I also got a few other souvenirs. Mostly for myself. #keepingitreal

Dawn in Denmark

We reached Copenhagen yesterday afternoon and spent the rest of the day eating, drinking coffee followed by wine before walking back to the hotel excessively loud and drunk. It was a good first night in Denmark.

I woke up half an hour ago. It’s still dawn. The sun was still slowly waking up. I was still slowly waking up.

I wanted to savour this alone time to reflect and remember. I pulled my deck from my travel backpack. I didn’t shuffle my cards this time. It was utterly tranquil in the room, I didn’t want to wake my heavily sleeping friends.

Three of Cups. Nice! It could be a spillover of last night’s energy, but hey, I welcomed it. I didn’t have much to say about the card this time. I preferred to use the remaining time to stand by the huge window overlooking the beautiful river and daydream. I did just that.

Let it be on the record that I love this kind of moments. The liminal space-y moments.