New Moon Capricorn Tarot Spread Moon Void Deck

New Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread

As you might have known, one of my tarot goals is to do a tarot spread for each new and full Moon throughout this year. So here is the first one, in conjunction with the first New Moon, in 2021.

The tarot spread is inspired by Shinjini’s New Moon in Capricorn tarot spread. I am using a freshly smoked-cleansed Stef, the Moon Void Tarot deck which seems to be a perfect fit for Moon-related tarot spread.

1. Significator for my career goal this year:

Eight of Pentacles

Can it be any clearer? Eight of Pentacles is about mastery and hard-work. To reach my career goal for this year, I ought to apply both attributes into my work-life.

Our efforts compound, even when we can’t see the growth.

2. Mindset that’s holding me back:

The Hermit

Err.. I struggled to grasp this one immediately. As a Virgo, being a hermit is like a normal state for me. But Hermit can also be a feeling of being disconnected and alone. This, connected with the action plans, below reminds me that I am not alone and that I have the support that I need to reach this goal.

3. Mindset that I need to adapt instead:

Seven of Wands

I am not at all surprise that Seven of Wands made an appearance. Seven of Wands is the overall energy I want to manifest into my life this year and that includes in the career aspect of it. I need to stand my ground, take up my well-deserved space, show myself and make sure that I am seen.

4. Action plans to reach my career goal:

Page of Pentacles

Crystal! Above anything else, Page of Pentacles for me represent learning. Continues learning and improving my skills at work will bring me closer to the goal.

5. Message from the Moon:


It’s reminding me to put the hard-work now without worrying too much if I don’t see the expected result immediately/soon – which is something I am currently struggling with. That I ought to trust the process and the day will come when I will get to reap what I sow.

Also, a message in the book regarding Judgement:

Change is necessary in order to grow and evolve.

Well, that’s about it for me. I need to go back to do some more work tonight to reduce the piling new work-tasks. With that, Happy New Moon in Capricorn everyone! May it sprinkles us with the hard-working Capricorn energy to get a head start to reach the goals we set for ourselves this year.

Herbal Tarot

Herbal Tarot Deck

Herbal Tarot is a plant-based tarot deck. I am into it due to the element of Earth, with trees and herbs being the center of each card image.

This was the deck that I almost rebelled and bought at Spellbox when we were required to bring the classic Rider Waite Smith (RWS) tarot deck to the tarot class, but I ended up getting a normal, sober, mini-sized RWS deck instead.

Ever since I started collecting indoor house plants and practicing grounding meditation regularly, I have become more curious about Herbalism. Also, herbs are connected to essential oils which is something I use on a daily basis too.

The deck and the guidebook have the potential to make us Biology-textbook-smart as an awesome side effect.

What I don’t like about the deck is that it’s too similar to the RWS deck. Also, the colors are pretty old school, not popping enough for my taste.

Cards in the deck: It is amusing to see the Cayenne Pepper decipher as the strength symbol on the Strength card. Well, the pepper has a strong taste indeed, the kind I like. I also like the hidden symbols of infinity on her hat. Meanwhile, I truly despise The Devil card from this deck.