First Quarter Moon Aquarius


Happy Aquarius season ♒︎ guys!

I haven’t been writing for a week here, the longest period since I started this blog last year. I am feeling a wee bit of a writer-FOMO, so here are some random observations I noted down in the journal recently —

I use a 400-page black Moleskine to journal. It was a birthday gift from Fafa. At first, I thought it would be my annual journal. But now, only five months in and having used up 3/4 of it, I think I will be getting myself a new journal for my half-birthday in March.

One of the reasons that I haven’t been writing much on the blog is because I am hitting a tarot-reading wall. For some reason, I have been feeling a little less excited about journaling about tarot recently. Not sure whether I am even allowed to say that, but that’s the truth. I have come up with solutions, though. I have started journaling tarot with prompts given by the Moon Void Tarot‘s creator, Stefanie Caponi to honor the Aquarius season (my Moon sign).

I also bought another tarot deck—my first-quarter purchase (hey, I lasted 20 days! Now, I have to go through the next 70-something days without buying another deck). It’s the Fifth Spirit Tarot which sits on top of my 2021 tarot deck list. Yesterday, I saw that Two Sided Tarot has it listed on their website and with only AUD10 shipping, I knew I shouldn’t wait any longer.

One last thing about tarot: I am looking for a tarot deck with continuity or a similar theme throughout the deck. The Moon Void Tarot deck has been the closest I’ve got, but the non-human court-cards broke the singular theme thing that it had going for it.

Even though I haven’t been writing much here, I have been compiling random notes I wrote here and there — paper and digital — into my Day One App. Maybe I can share some of the not-super-boring ones here?

Also, even though I haven’t been writing much, I have been running. I registered for a measly 10km run in October. That gets me going. I am clocking in 3km every run, but with an embarrassing pace to be shared here.

The last best coffee I had was well, not a coffee. We went to Brunswick last weekend to feast on a crab at Miss Katie’s Crab Shack. On the way back, we stopped at one of my favourite coffee shops in Melbourne for some sit-down coffee chai.

This month, I dreamt of Fafa bringing and or showing me a ladybug. Twice. Google told me that it’s a symbol of good luck.

This week, I tried a new Thai dish called Hor Mok for the first time. It’s steamed fish cooked with coconut cream, curry and basil leaf served banana leaf cup. I ordered it because it reminded me of Kerala Meen Pollichathu, but it tasted closer to Cambodian Fish Amok.

Yesterday, I found out that all this while I have been cooking and eating butter that has expired in 2019.

Today, I woke up reminiscing about my Uni time. Jik and I used to sneak into each others class. Even though we majored in different subjects and went to different Universities. And hers was more fun than my boring Accounting lectures.  Then, I realized that taking up CPA is like adopting the worst part of schooling-the studying and exam parts. Ugh!

I realize more and more that I am a creature of routines and rituals. So instead of ignoring it, I should use those things as a foundation of my daily life.

Half-naked yoga brings me joy.


Film Camera MjuII Kodak Colorplus 400 Mirror Selfie 2020 Meletos

2020 The Year I…

…Rang in the new year in Japan for the third time in a row. We had sushi and sake as the first meal of the year.

…Went to Bali for a weekend getaway. Now reflecting back, I am grateful we had the chance to travel outside of Australia this year.

…Started a new job in a new company.

…Practice with Miko, the first (second-hand) film camera I scored on eBay at the end of last year.

…Celebrated my friend’s, Liz, 30th birthday with a stay-cation in Mornington Peninsula.


…Joined a witch coven.

…Bought my first ever indie tarot deck created by a female artist, then the second, then the third.

…Studied for CPA.

…Started liking black-coffee which no doubt is heavily influenced by Fafa.

…Finally enjoyed a good sandwich. It’s from Tivoli bakery on Toorak road which was introduced to me by Liz.

…Lived in lock-down for the most part of the year.

…Had a lengthy period of sadness from the combination of Covid and seasonal depression.

…Which made me pick up running.

…and cooking.

…and journal-ed as if my life depends on it.

…Got a tarot deck and oracle deck for birthday gifts from Fafa and Jik respectively.

…Had plenty of tarot readings.

…Deepen my tarot practice.

…Started a tarot blog then stopped because I thought I didn’t have that much to talk about in relation to tarot.

…Facetimed with my parents every single day from March onwards.

…Started this blog, a personal blog, but proceed to discuss mostly about tarot.

…Paid for a Google Photos account.

…Found out that Chiron has entered my chart since March and will stay there until the beginning of next year. Eek!!

…Finally read The Alchemist and generally read more books than last year.

…Stayed in a Mornington Peninsula airbnb.

…and in a Meletos winery in Yarra Valley.

…and in the farmhouse in Echuca where I took a boat trip along the famous Murray River.

…Went to an art gallery in Bendigo to celebrate our date-anniversary.

Tarot Deck From A Tarot Reader

I wish to be gifted with the new tarot deck by someone who does tarot reading. To honor the myth that tarot deck needs to be given by the practitioners, as a welcome to the club sign. To be honest, I don’t really believe in the myth. Case in point, I bought my first tarot deck. Still, I have always been curious about tradition and any tradition that involves gift gifting is pretty much a yes in my book.

Happy Birthday Formula

  • Have a solid plan for the day
  • Day off from work
  • Spend some time to pray and tune-in on spirituality
  • Travel — or have a plan to travel or just came back from travel. Travel must be included in the whole birthday saga
  • Tarot – get a birthday tarot reading and gift myself a new deck
  • Wear a new dress and look nice — go to saloon for hair do
  • Finish a fresh film camera roll
  • Get your mani pedi hair done day before
  • Celebrate it with my loved ones — Fafa, friends and family — spend time only with people I truly love.
  • Food – let there be cake, alcohol and good seafood
  • Book a spa day before or after birthday to honour my birthday
  • Bookstore! And some reading
  • A dash of journaling
  • And coffeeshop
  • Do something new/experience something new.
  • Limit people interaction — me time is a must.
  • Limit phone/technology and mainly social media — other than parents. The rest can wait.
  • nature and walking
  • Be witchy/get something witchy
  • Lots of laugh, loving’ and happy memories
  • Make a list of everything I like about myself
  • Staycation if u can’t do anything else because break from the routine is a MUST

Sunday After My Birthday

I finished reading the Convenience Store Woman today. I also got flowers from Fafa and bought money plant as birthday plant which I am going to name as Birthday. We cleaned the house to welcome Jik who is coming to celebrate my Birthday from Sydney. She also gave me two cat cups and a plate. We went to Chadstone and Had dainty Sichuan Chongqing chicken noodle. Yummm!!! Also, hot pot on Birthday tradition has been ticked!

After chilling at home, we went for a tropical cocktail sesh at a hidden bar in front of the sandwich shop in Chapel Street, followed by a delicious dinner at Thai @ Chapel.

We are back home again, watching Queer Eye on Netflix. Life is good.

The Last 15 Minutes Of My Birthday

It’s my birthday.

Well, the last fifteen minutes of my birthday day. I thought journaling would be best to spend the last minutes of it. It’s also one of my birthday to-dos.

It has been a great birthday day.

I had a birthday tarot reading portraying a great year ahead with the essential message is to follow my intuition this year. Then I got myself a Herbal Tarot deck for myself (another birthday tradition), a Guatemalan worry doll and travel and good fortune crystal from Spellbox.

I then met Fafa at the Emporium, and we drove to Glenferrie to have Indonesian lunch at Nelayan. He got me ice cream from Picolla, and then we spent a lot of time at the Readings bookstore.

I bought the book “A Year in Paris” – as I wish to replicate it with “A Year in Japan” one day. Then we went drinking at Zhou Zhou, and I got myself a bangle from Gorman. I went home and took a nap (best birthday) and went to Maha for our six-course meal date night. It was good, but not satisfactory enough to come back for the amount of money.

Back home, I showered, watched Jack Ryan TV show and ate my Ferrero Rocher birthday cake Fafa got me for my birthday celebration at 12.07 AM today. He also got me to Apple watch strap in red colour which I am still wearing until now.

Overall it’s one of the best birthdays. I wish I have many more fun birthdays like today.

Birthday Tarot Reading

I got a birthday tarot reading as a part of my birthday tradition. I think it’s fun to have the cards show what lies ahead for the next 12 months.This time, I went to a new tarot reader, who kept addressing me with the wrong name, even though I corrected her more than a few times. Thankfully, she did my birthday tarot reading in depth.

She used her well-worn tarot deck, not the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck I had seen before, but something similar. Halfway through the reading, she realized that I understood tarot a bit. It made the reading more interesting, at least that’s how I felt from a client’s perspective.

The first round was for the things on the surface, next was for what lies behind, the spiritual messages and finally to reveal what does destiny have in mind.To be honest, the birthday tarot spread was a bit too complicated for my liking, with almost all the cards on the deck making an appearance. But still, I prefer this than a shallow reading, especially since I didn’t have a specific question or issue to get a bit of advice for. Also, she cursed Donald Trump in between and was fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, so overall, it had been a pretty fun reading.

Suit of Pentacles

I don’t remember the reading in details except for a few main points such as the reoccurring pentacles suit, which relates to finance, self-sufficient and hard-work. Firstly, the birthday card was Two of Pentacles which I took as striving through a balanced life.

She kept reminding me that I have to let go of the scarcity mentality (Five of Pentacles) and that attaining the big goal is in the book for next year (Ten of Pentacles), but I shouldn’t even think about it before I cross off a celebration ━ the wedding (Four of Wands) and next travel ━ my Japan trip (Eight of Wands).

Funnily enough, I have been working to sort my money mindset and reach financial goals. It felt like a nudge that I am going in the right direction.

Major Arcana and the Queen

There was The Sun card which represented my parents’ blessings. the Queen of Wands also appeared as a strong presence of my grandma, who she described as a fiery woman, though I had never seen this side of my grandma. It reminded me of the similar statement made by the other tarot reader more than a year ago.There will be an end of an era (Death card) during Scorpio month this year. Ha! In relation to that, The Lovers card appeared on my relationship spread and she also told me about the possibility of having a son that shares the same astrological element as mine.When she flipped open The Moon card, she asked me how do I feel about it, as most of her clients are scared of it. I told her that I felt a strong connection towards the moon and she replied that it’s good as the moon is all about intuition.

Birthday Wish Card

The Nine of Pentacles also made an appearance during the birthday tarot reading. Similar to The Star card, it’s believed to be the granted wishes card in the tarot deck. It’s essentially saying that I will get the things that I wish for this year. Yes, I am fully on board with this reading.

Finally, I asked her to share one main intake from the birthday tarot reading. She advised following my intuition. Sound advice, don’t you think?!

Right before leaving, I felt compelled to suggest to her to move to Bali and start her tarot business there.

September 2017

I am starting this month in Tazi! We haven’t done much planning for this trip, thought of winging it with lots of wine drinking and cheese-eating.

September is my birthday month. As you know, I am pretty big on birthdays. I look forward to turning as many days as possible into another reason to celebrate. I have written down my birthday wish list and ongoing traditions. I also have prepared a birthday box where I plan to put happy things, including love and thank you notes and wishes for the time ahead.

In the mid-month, I am going to Jakarta, to meet the family; and later to Singapore, to hang out with my best friends and relive Singapore expat memories for a couple of days.

September agenda will also be sprinkled by Jik’s visit, meeting Che, a chakra balancing session as a birthday gift to myself, spring equinox gathering, and meditation classes.

Coconut oil finally seeped its way into my life. I plan to use it for as many things as the internet advises me before being grossed out by it.

Tarot Birth Cards

My main tarot birth card is the Hanged Man. One of the hardest cards to read in the tarot deck. But it also kinda makes sense because I am quite playful and a pretty chill person.

The Empress Tarot Moon Void Tarot

My secondary tarot birth card is the Empress. I am like err.. Really? Motherly? The Goddess Laxmi? I am not! I am the opposite of a nurturer. Instead, I could relate more to the Magician, the High Priestess, The Emperor, The World, or, above all Strength, the Goddess Kali.