Tarot Birth Cards

My main tarot birth card is the Hanged Man. One of the hardest cards to read in the tarot deck. But it also kinda makes sense because I am quite playful and a pretty chill person.

The Empress Tarot Moon Void Tarot

My secondary tarot birth card is the Empress. I am like err.. Really? Motherly? The Goddess Laxmi? I am not! I am the opposite of a nurturer. Instead, I could relate more to the Magician, the High Priestess, The Emperor, The World, or, above all Strength, the Goddess Kali.

the hanged man tarot rider waite tarot deck black and white

Paused by The Hanged Man

On the day I have 16 things to do on my list. Why?

Traditionally Hanged Man is a reminder to hit a PAUSE button and or surrender.

It could also be a nudge to change my routines to shift my energy. I am just now establishing my routines back though. Of green tea, French songs, educational podcast and drawing a tarot card in the morning. Which I like. So, why would I change it?

Or is it more about my current life at the moment, where I don’t feel the drive for blogging — or even grander, my career progress — is being put on a pause this month?