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Flights, Chariot, Action!

I pulled the Eight of Wands and The Chariot (Cancer) as the cards of the day. It wasn’t a surprise. It has been a tradition of mine to travel on the 26 January; even before I moved to Australia, which has it as the first public holiday of the year.

This time though, what caught my attention was The Chariot card.

Along with The Magician, The Chariot was one of the first few tarot cards that I liked and understood. Or so I thought.

When I first started learning tarot based on the images, I associated The Chariot with travelling. Obviously, as the guy on the classic Rider Waite Smith tarot deck is riding a chariot. He is on the move or about to move. So is the witch who is riding the bike on the Everyday Witch Tarot deck.

But the Chariot on the deck I used for the reading today, the Moon Void Tarot, shows pages and pages of papers. Each one dated by month. July 2016, August 2016 and so on. There is a hand holding a pen writing on one of those pages. As if the person is scheduling and making plans. I don’t see anything that resembles travelling, which ironically fitted my situation of being unable to travel this time.

Alas, it got me curious about the artist’s interpretation of the card, and I dug through my piles of to-read books and found the guide book for the deck which I bought separately (one of the best tarot related decision I made so far: When in doubt, get the guide book). It says:

“…connect with our momentum, as we develop a clear vision, we begin to take action. …daily practice becomes the structure that takes us from one phase of life to the next. Small steps in physical reality will be met by large leaps from the Universe, but first, (you) must begin.”

I then went through The Spacious Tarot deck wondering how The Chariot is depicted there as I don’t think I have ever pulled this card from that deck. The image on the card itself reminded me of the Milford Sound in New Zealand South Island. Again travel related. But the mini-guide book offered an explanation closer to one given by the Moon Void above:

“…define exactly what is it that you want to do. What hard things do you need to do at this time? Affirm that you are capable and go do what you need to do.”

Wow. Reading it was like peeling another layer of The Chariot card.

The one that I didn’t even know existed.

The one about taking inspired actions.

I love it when that happens. That is also why I am love learning about tarot. The more I understand, the more interesting it becomes.

🛒 ❥K

26 January

Do you have a day in the year, which feels like the Universe Ganesha and Jesus collaborate to make it magical for you?

I do. It’s today’s date: January 26.

Yeah. I know, it sounds weird, but I do believe that January 26 is my day, as it has been for many years. Even though I have no idea when did it started to be my magical day, I have been keeping random records of life’s highlights which happened on January 26. Here are some of it:

2010 – It was the first time I told Fafa that I like LIKE him.

2012 – I flew back home from Singapore to spend the weekend with Amma

. We had a coffee ice cream date at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

2013 – Again I spent the day with Amma, this time we traveled to Taiwan together. My journal entry reads: “traveling with Amma, hopefully, we don’t kill* each other”. *I can be extra at times.

2014 – I was on the train to Busan when I realized that hey, I was traveling on the same date last year. There was no journal entry, instead, I wrote a blog post this year.

2015 – Woke up in my childhood bedroom with no travel plans. The only magical thing I could think of that morning was the breakfast made lovingly by Amma. But then, in the afternoon, I got a job interview call. I went for it and got an offer on the same day.

2016 – No travel this year too, but on the day I wrote down 16 goals to achieve in 2016.

2017 – I flew back to Jakarta on Australia day, which of course falls on January 26.

2018 – I was in Singapore for an overnight-stopover, before attending cousin W’s engagement back home. I rekindled a long lost friendship with a post-uni best friend, went to the temple, and finally let go of all residual juju. It felt good.

2020 – fast forward to today, I am in Bali. Writing this to you.

Not bad for January 26, eh? I hope this date stays magical forever.