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Kurated by Kovfefed – January 2021

It’s still new-year-ish to kick-start your (bullet) journaling habit with affordable tools and or join the Writer HQ intro to journaling newsletter.

New to me tarot blog: 78notes. Too bad they had stopped posting for a while now.

A photo-diary of a Saari residency in Finland.

One day I got curious whether there would be curry flavoured ice cream. There are many indeed! Here is one that looks delicious: Curry Coconut Ice Cream.

Japanese homeware delivered to you worldwide.

My favorite fried hard boiled eggs recipe.

90% buckwheat Soba.

Shooting with expired film camera.

7 Tips to Actually Stick to Bullet Journaling This Year, According to People Who Say It Changed Their Lives

Dexter – one of my all time fave TV shows is making a come back!!

The Rooftop Beehives Of Paris

Everything Haruki Murakami has ever compared to writing.

New Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread.

A List of the Best of Domestic-Thriller books.

Poetry inspired tarot spread.

I am adding Yumori No Sato, Tokyo’s Black Water Onsen, to my ever-growing Japan travel list.

52 memoir prompts , self-discovery prompts and some more if you want.

How pulling one tarot card each day for a month transformed Gina Tomaine’s yoga practice. Another good read: Tarot for meditation: A Crash Course for Modern Yogis.

I will accept this beautiful art-work as an advance half-birthday or birthday gift 😀

Japan’s ancient vegetarian meal.

Blogger Question

Bloggers, here is a question for you:

Do you ask questions at the very end of your blog posts?

Always? Or only when you genuinely want to know the answer?

When I started blogging years ago, I never asked anyone any questions.

I blogged mostly for myself and even when I started blogging for the sense of community and knowing that other people read it, I still didn’t do it. I didn’t need to do it. Because without even asking them the people who wanted to say something would still leave their comment.

But then the blogging community boomed. There are more blogs in the blogosphere than ever. “Reader engagement” has become the main goal. ” You are none without your readers” has become a cautionary tale. “Build Your Tribe” has become a money-making marketing mantra. And I am not even going to touch the constant “reminder” to build a mailing list dished out by every single blogging guru I know.

One of the tricks, I mean methods, they teach is to ask the question at the very end of a blog post. To engage the reader to leave a comment. You know, to build a community, as they say. So a few years into my blogging journey, I started doing just that.

Not only had I been writing a post and ending it with comments, I even went as far as going back and adding questions at the end on the old posts too. Just in case anyone went back that far to read them and somehow inclined to connect with me to comment but not sure how to start because I didn’t ask them any questions to initiate the conversation.

Spoiler alert: hundreds of crafted questions later. None ever answered any. But I still follow the formula. Writing a post and ending it with a question.

Even if the questions are not well written, well placed, well asked, it’s always well-intended. 

Until one day I woke up during this pandemic (of course, it must be during a pandemic because when else would my brain have the time to think about all these things) and decided to stop asking a question on every single blog post. Not only that, me being the Virgo that I am, I went and wiped most of the questions I posted in my old blog posts.

And let me tell you I have asked some fucking cringe-worthy questions. I have asked people which fish market they go to buy their seafood on at least ten different posts. No wonder none left any comments. 

If you ask me why I did it — as in why I wiped the questions at the tail end of my posts — I can’t really say why. Or whether it was even the right decision for my blog. The only thing that I can come up with right now, while I am typing this, that might not even be the right reason, is I feel like not asking the question at the end of the blog post, unless I really want to know the answer, give back a bit of authenticity to the original act of blogging. Gosh, I am clearly rambling.

Do you think it’s important to ask a question at the end of a blog post?

— see what I did there??
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5 AM Thoughts at 3.30 AM

My 5 AM thoughts visited me again today, only that it came at 3.30 AM.

It has been three days in a row that I haven’t been sleeping peacefully, but today it was much worse since I could not go back to sleep anymore.

I refuse to self-diagnose myself with insomnia. Self-diagnosing when it comes to health is a trait that has become second nature among my extended family. Hence my conscious effort to stir away from it. Even at 3.30 AM.

I think I just overstimulated myself yesterday; both mind and body. The brain has been forced to work since 8 AM yesterday, and it didn’t stop even until I went to bed. From office work, blog posts, personal errands and reading heavy stuff until I fell asleep.

Meanwhile, I also let myself binge-eat yesterday using the period excuse. From sugary drinks, spicy chips to late-night garlic rice.

As a result, the heated stomach and buzzing brain refused to let my tire-soul rest.

I thought about how it has been a while since I share my coffee-diary entries here. How I forever chase the golden-light in life, both literally and figuratively. Both topics are unrelated.

I wondered whether I would have developed a deeper and layered understanding of a language if I was not raised to be multilingual. Since even until now, I struggle to express myself a bit more in-depth. In any language. Not only that, I have passed an embarrassing number of reading materials, just because it’s too hard for me to digest.

I felt like there is a version of me who I want to be (the one who reads daily, who cooks often, who goes on hikes on the weekend and who runs a marathon) and there is the current me that is not there yet. This year is about closing the gap between those two MEs, or at least minimize the gap.

My thought then went to the unwrapped gifts in the living room. It’s for a party that I have been invited to, by someone I wouldn’t invite to mine. Funny, isn’t it? Someone can be your VIP, but it doesn’t always mean vice versa. If you think I was being mean, hey at least I got them a gift 🤷🏽.

I wrote a reminder to finish reading Patti Smith this month – preferably this weekend if I am good. And to visit a new-to-me neighborhood cafe before we move out from here. Also, to get a tarot journal.

– ❥K

Best Days

What Was The Best Day of Your Life?

What was the best day of your life?

The question popped out on my phone. Sent by Jik. It got me thinking. The thing is, I have many.

The days I spent with my cousins, driving around Jakarta to buy the best road-side food.

The weekend I went to Malaka with my Uni friends and made more friends by the time we went back to Singapore.

Our three weeks honeymoon in Japan.

The weekend I went to Goa to attend my cousin’s wedding.

The first time I saw the Autumn colours IRL.

The many moments I shared with Cheryl when we worked together.

The day I went to the theme park as a kid with just my parents. I was wearing a red dress, and they let me do water rafting. It was so fun. I felt so happy and excited, and a bit of a grown-up.

The day I got a salary hike.

The day I got approval to move to Australia.

The day I stood in front of the sixteen floors National Library in Singapore.

The day I noticed Vi entering the classroom wearing her purple pyjamas.

The days I spent in Phi Phi Island, wearing a bikini for the first time and learning to be confident in it.

The day I bought my first MacBook.


The hours I spent in the bookstores. And the hours I spent in Spellbox.

The night of the New Year’s Eve when I met Fafa.

The drunken night walk with my cousins in Copenhagen.

The day I ate MSG ridden fried-rice in a Chinese restaurant in Italy after not having rice for more than a week for the first time in my life.

Japan days.

My first snowfall day.

The days where Fafa kindness was the only support I had.

The weekend in Uluru.

The hours Jik and I spent in coffee shops in Hong Kong.

The time with LOL memories.

Quality times I spent with Amma and the moments of hugging her.

The day my Amma complimented me on my cousin’s engagement day.

Drinking Karak Chai in Dubai.

The nights I sat on the beach.

The hours I spent in the kitchen with my workmates – having lunch or just taking breaks.

The days I spent with Erwin and Vivi, rediscovering Jakarta.

The days and nights I spent with Thu just messing around while trying to figure out life.

My days in Singapore.

First dates. Second dates.

The days where I do very little but don’t feel guilty at all. The days when I do so much and feel a sense of accomplishment.

My post-grad days.

Sleepover nights.

My wedding days.

The day I realised I had all the support I needed in life.

The afternoon in Brisbane when we took an hour Uber-ride to eat good Indo food.

The day I discovered Serial podcast while travelling in Europe, which led into the true-crime rabbit hole.

The day I took Shinkansen for the first time, the second time and every single time after that.

The day I set up my blogs excitedly.

My last working day in Singapore.

Those are some of my best days—the ones I would love to redo. I realised now that most of them involve being surrounded by my loved ones, travelling and discovering myself. Here is to creating space in my life for more of those kinds of days.

1000 Posts Later

I counted today (as an accountant it has been ingrained in me to count for fun), between this blog and Kulture Kween, I have written over 1000 posts.

As a late-bloom-blogger I have contemplated when to stop blogging as I have always believed that it’s not a forever thing. At least not for me. And one day in 2010s, I made a pact with my tired-of-blogging self that I am allowed to stop blogging once I passed the 1000 posts mark.

1000 posts seems like a significant enough number for me to refer to myself as a blogger.

After all, doesn’t it take 10000 hours to master something? 1000 posts means I have written for half of those hours. Does this means I am allowed to feel accomplished in blogging?

You would think that too, wouldn’t you?

I am feeling nothing as such.

First of all, I have called myself a blogger since I published a one-paragraph post in 2007 titled The Girl Behind The Blog. Here is a snippet of it:

I am the girl with her glasses and scrunchie, who sits on the corner of a coffee shop with a MacBook and a cup of tea, looking all busy but yawns now and then. This blog is my view of our shared world, my thoughts and myself. It’s filled with stories about friendships, experiences, dating, mistakes, family and, of course, love. It’s a goal in progress for me, to practice and be a better (and ultimately well-known) writer.

Zero originality. But it’s at least something. Also, I have so long stopped wearing scrunchies. Thank God for that!

Secondly, I feel far from accomplished. One thousand posts might seem a lot. But a 1000 posts with the majority of it being half-assed posts doesn’t seem all that great —especially when compared to the bloggers who I admire.

Maybe then I told myself, I should strive from another 1000 posts (this time no half-ass-ing) before calling it a day or a decade.

Torii Gate Fushimi Inari Japan Miaw

Tethered to Japan

I miss Japan terribly. I have written about before. But the yearning for the land of the rising sun kept coming back, each time stronger than ever, when I can’t do anything about it. Yet.

I miss holding the sticky seaweed part of the onigiri before putting it into my mouth. I miss standing in front of the shrine, feeling both insignificant and blessed at the same time.

I miss hunting for a winter jacket in Harajuku because the one I brought wasn’t cool, thick, thin, long or basic enough.

I miss the back and forth bowing. I miss hunting interesting food and unique skin-care in the supermarket. I even miss the multi-purpose hotel spray.

And oh, don’t even let me start with the train! I miss the train, the train station and the long train rides.

I miss the familiar and tantalizing smell of coffee around the Good Day coffee shop on top of the Oshiage train station. I miss the calming voice in the speaker on the elevator, train and train station.

I even miss the tet..tet..tet.. sounding traffic light.

I miss how happy I am once I reach Japan. I miss the excitement of seeing the Torii Gates on the horizon. I miss finding kawaii stationary. I miss sitting down in the Starbucks, sipping coffee, writing my journal or simply reading a book or chit-chatting with Fafa. I miss spending hours in Kinokuniya bookstore. I miss eating rice burger for breakfast and strawberry cake for dessert.

I miss celebrating I miss celebrating New Year in Japan.

I miss roaming around Tsukiji fish market. I miss being an outsider while partaking in the culture. I miss learning and experiencing new and unusual things that are Japan.

I am tethered to Japan.

It’s the only pocket of the world that I obsess about. Which is not great since I still have the whole world to fall in love with. But as they say, the heart wants what it wants.

Space Word of the year 2021 Echuca Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria Australia


Usually, I have my word of the year chosen days if not weeks coming into the new year (last year it was Growth). This year though my heart had a hard time selecting the right one. Maybe due to the Covid PTSD.

Joy and Authenticity kept coming up, and at some point, I even thought of combining them both to invent the new word: Joythentic. Because, why not?

But on the new year day, after the 2-hour phone convo with Jik where we fell into the topic of being brown women born into semi-traditional-ish brown families who are expected to behave a certain way while carrying the ancestral guilt both consciously and subconsciously ━ the word, my word of the year, crystallised in my mind:


Space ━ a light word with such a heavy meaning attached to it. At least for me. Someone who had never given and eventually lived my life by never taking enough space for myself ever. Both literally and figuratively. I have managed to make myself (my thoughts and my life) smaller than I am (it is) throughout my life.

It’s about time for me to break the limitation set for me, which I unknowingly adopted even after I moved away from the community (Eight of Swords energy).

Space ━ I want this word to guide me throughout this year. To teach me to claim my space, to take space and to create space. I want to hold space for myself – past, present and future. To hold space for others. To expand my space (both literally and figuratively). To dwell into the liminal space. Even to stare into space and connect with the moon.

I have a feeling it won’t be easy to truly adapt this word into my life, as space is not one of my core values, but I want it to be. Therefore I shall invite space (Seven of Wands energy) into my life this year and work together with it.

– Here’s to S P A C E

Growth Word of the year 2020 Dry Yellow Flowers

Looking Back At Growth

I chose Growth (Eight of Pentacles) to be my word of the year. Throughout the year, with Covid looming upon us, I have given up checking-in with the word. I kept thinking:

What’s the point?

But today, I got a reminder I set on my phone at the same time I chose the word in the beginning of last year. So I took a few minutes to reflect back, even if it’s a failure, surely I could learn a thing or two from it.

Turns out, I did grow a bit this year. So had my life.

This year I learned to cook at least 20 new dishes, passed my CPA exam, obtained my driving license, stepped into the managerial position at work, deepened my tarot practice, adjusted my expectations and goals due to Covid, started this blog, journal-ed, read more books than the past few years and achieved a few more things that matter to me.

For me, some of the things above were significant growths ━ but the most important growth for me was outgrowing parts of my old self and beliefs that I released and left behind.

Fish Art South Australian Museum Adelaide South Australia

Kurated by Kovfefed – December 2020

Hello, hello! I am now officially on year end break and finally starting to relax a bit. I hope you are too. Here are a few articles I managed to read and thoroughly enjoyed during the most hectic period of this year. Salute!

In Awa-shi, Japan, Tadashi Yoshimoto a 74-Year-Old Japanese Farmer Stocks Vending Machine Daily With Homemade Curry Rice For Hungry Travelers.

The Vanishing Kodavas.

The Lost Year: Tarot during Covid.

A local road-side food stall in Bali on the Covid impact:

“Early April we began to feel the impact of the pandemic. We really missed the atmosphere of having people around. Our sales dropped to 80%. Luckily around June we could open the sitting area again and my guests have been coming in to eat.”

Japanese Art – Utagawa Kuniyoshi: Nichiren in Snow at Tsukahara.

Things you only know when you’re a tarot reader.

I am so going to get myself vending machine dashi soup the next time I am in Japan.

Best Psychological Thrillers books of the year.

Extensive choices if you are looking looking for QTPOC tarot decks. I am already eye-ing a few.

Learning more about tea and culture from new-to-me blog The Floating Tea Stem:

“茶柱 (chabashira, littea pillar) is the Japanese word for a tea stem floating upright in a teacup. Given its rarity, encountering a chabashira in one’s teacup is said to be a good omen…”

Frozen in time: Abandoned Victorian farmhouse shows simple life of Aussie farmer 60 years ago.

Stylish and minimalistic Muji dream house.

Coffee around the world: different ways of consuming the world’s best-loved drink.

Finally! Genderless school uniforms.

20 Simple New Year Resolutions to follow and 12 ways to live a more enchanted life.