gratitude list

Gratitude List 07.04.21

It’s been a while since I shared my #gr8ful list here ━ now, accompanied by my a-glass-on-Wednesday-night wine, seems as good a time as any.

Today I am grateful…

That I work in the CBD area which at times makes me feel like I am in the American TV shows I grew up watching. That I cultivate nurturing hobbies and for having the chance (and my sensibility) to nurture them. For stand-up comedians. For the sight of stacked books, hanging house plants, flying flock of birds and easy-to-read tarot spread. For life-defining split-second moments. For having white teeth and a happy womb. For relatable personal blogs. For an endless supply of funny stories and sleepy tea. For the come back of some parts of the old normal. For having a zest for life. For keep discovering more and more things, I love as I grow older, like chai. For film photography Instagram accounts and inspiring audiobooks. That I have strong female friends.


Sakura Kyoto Japan

I Smell Japan

I miss Japan, which is not news to anyone who reads this blog. But when I could smell Japan on the potato gems I ordered from Leonard’s House of Love, the local pub in my neighbourhood, I realized that my body ━ my olfactory memory ━ miss Japan too. So much so that it has started tracing the smell of Japan, my Japan, all the way from here. 8,191.28 km away.

I catch the smell of Japan from the freshly made coffee Fafa put on my bedside table. From the tempura soba, we drive 15mins to have during lunch hour. From the bubble tea face mask I slather myself with every Thursday night. From the matcha powder, I resort to drink when I still need a mid-afternoon boost after two cups of coffee. From Fafa’s Forest perfume and his SKII products that I occasionally use without asking his permission first.

Logically I know it’s best to curb this obsession before it gets more out of hand, but all I want to do is bring more Japan into my life until I can travel some eight thousands kilometre away to be reunited with it.


Kurated by Kovfefed – March 2021

Confession of a Shinagawa Monkey.

One evening, high on wine, Fafa and I went on a debate about grape ice cream.

The full moon influence sleep and menstrual cycles.

Traditional culture of Aizuwakamatsu.

Someone closed to my asked the tarot recently:

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Pompeii archaeologists find intact ceremonial chariot at site of illegal dig.

Tarot and Oracle decks of the month: The Architect’s Tarot and Prairie Majesty Oracle.

I really love these 5 reasons not to keep a tarot journal.

Death To Kovfefed

Hello! Dropping in for a quick update that I have changed the blog’s identity to KultureKal – Liminal Memoir.

I created Kovfefed – The Normal Notes Fresh From Kovfefed Post on a whim just because it seemed absurd enough to fit my mental state last year. The name was supposed to be a temporary thing, as was this blog.

The thing is this blog grew on me.

Writing whatever I want to write without thinking about SEO, niche, and analytics has been fun. No, actually, better than fun. It’s the best! So I have decided to keep the blog and keep blogging here as a nurturing creative outlet.

Also, I have been wanting to retire Kovfefed , purely because of the associations that come with the word-play. Let’s just call it death by proxy.


I toyed with the idea of using my real name for the blog URL but decided to use one of my nicknames, Kal, instead. As for the Kulture, I want to sync with my other blog, KultureKween, which has become my primary internet identity for more than a decade.

Lastly, along with the identity change, I had a treat-yo-self moment, I jazzed up the blog theme. Check it out and let me know what you think.


I Have A Thing For…

I have a thing for…

Rainy day in Singapore.
Mustard-coloured armchair placed in a corner.
Reading the blog of a published author.
Chubby roses.
Hexagonal-shaped corner, with windows, turned into a reading nook.
Wall-to-wall bookcase.
…and wall-to-wall windows.
Savouring cold bread dipped in pipping hot day old fish curry.
Period house with cracking floor.
Indie tarot decks that come in a tuck box.
Big bookstores and thin paperback.
Wireless gadgets.
Books that can be pocketed.

Coin-operated laudromat.
Soaking the Friday afternoon vibes at work.
Foreign language songs played on repeat.
Singular-use kitchen gadgets.


First Day of Autumn

Another March ━ the the last month of the first quarter. But also feels like I am stuck in 2020. At least it’s officially Autumn now, my favorite season of the year.

Autumn in Melbourne is all about warm cider, book+bed+blanket, trying out new soup recipes, light sweater, beautiful foliage, colourful socks, red nail-polish, home-made porridge, starting a new journal and windy sunny days.

Kurated by Kovfefed – February 2021

I just finished Echoes by Shu-Ling Chua in one seating and spent the rest of my night going through her blog, Hello Pollyanna, archive. It was a Friday night well spent.

Starbucks Roastery Tokyo releases lucky Japanese dolls to end the pandemic in the new year.

Found a travel blog filled with beautiful pictures: The Blue Dot Prespective.

Mebourne went into a 5 day lockdown this month. Here is my day 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 note about it and I did Adriene’s Yoga for Uncertainty the first day of it. It helped more than I anticipated.

Recipe for Sazerac, a New Orleans cocktail with a sweet and spicy bite. Yum!

Blending Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian hygge, Japandi is the latest interior design trend and I am here for it.

40000ft up in the air is the ultimate dream wedding.

Film Camera MjuII Kodak Color 400 Living Room Meletos

Kurated by Kovfefed – January 2021

It’s still new-year-ish to kick-start your (bullet) journaling habit with affordable tools and or join the Writer HQ intro to journaling newsletter.

New to me tarot blog: 78notes. Too bad they had stopped posting for a while now.

A photo-diary of a Saari residency in Finland.

One day I got curious whether there would be curry flavoured ice cream. There are many indeed! Here is one that looks delicious: Curry Coconut Ice Cream.

Japanese homeware delivered to you worldwide.

My favorite fried hard boiled eggs recipe.

90% buckwheat Soba.

Shooting with expired film camera.

7 Tips to Actually Stick to Bullet Journaling This Year, According to People Who Say It Changed Their Lives

Dexter – one of my all time fave TV shows is making a come back!!

The Rooftop Beehives Of Paris

Everything Haruki Murakami has ever compared to writing.

New Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread.

A List of the Best of Domestic-Thriller books.

Poetry inspired tarot spread.

I am adding Yumori No Sato, Tokyo’s Black Water Onsen, to my ever-growing Japan travel list.

52 memoir prompts , self-discovery prompts and some more if you want.

How pulling one tarot card each day for a month transformed Gina Tomaine’s yoga practice. Another good read: Tarot for meditation: A Crash Course for Modern Yogis.

I will accept this beautiful art-work as an advance half-birthday or birthday gift 😀

Japan’s ancient vegetarian meal.