Hello Hi!

Hi fam, I am back! If you are a regular reader, maybe you’d have noticed the blog was MIA for a couple of months.

The original, and what I thought was a brilliant, plan was to combine this blog and my longest-standing almost-abandoned culture-niche blog, KultureKween.

I moved the posts from here and was supposed to curate a tarot-culture-niche blog slowly (what can I say, I dream big!), but then days, weeks, and months went by, and I did none of it. And not only that, I somehow managed to write lesser and lesser before eventually stopping together for some time. The effect ━ of the unfulfilled and dull feeling, the flailing days without daily journal as an anchor ━ came so fast and intense that I knew I had to snap out of it (or snap back into it??).

So, I parked my taking-over-the-world by combining my two blogs dream for now and reactivated this blog because, hello, hi, I miss writing!

I miss writing about anything and everything.

And I have so much to write about (all are important to none but me) – from the many tarot decks I funded in the past few months in KickStarter in the name of celebration or consolation, to the lockdown and the extended lockdown, to the new house (Joyakiume), new neighbourhood and new job.

More soon! Meanwhile, how have you been?

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