An 80yo House with A Lilly Pilly Tree

One of the hardest things I find writing here is about the significant happenings in my life. To be fair, I also don’t share much about it IRL, especially about the process of getting there (except for a few super close people in my life who I generously complained to).

I am just not built that way. Unfortunately, that also means that you and my most IRL people only get to know about these milestones much later ━ after Ts crossed and the Is dotted ━ after I have mulled over it plenty of times by myself. Then only the perpetual Hermit side of me feels ready to share the news with you/the world.

It was like when I started this blog after moving to Singapore in 2007; when I bid farewell to it in 2014 before moving to Melbourne in 2016; when we got married in 2018 and recently bought a house.

So yes, we bought an 80yo house with a Lilly Pilly tree growing in the backyard.

I knew house buying wouldn’t be an easy process, but I didn’t know it would be as challenging. I went through the wishful thinking of the Four of Wands to the deceiving Devil to the burned-out Ten of Swords before finally arriving at the vision of Ten of Pentacles. Now that all of it is done and dusted (we are moving in next weekend!), I wanted to share it with you, the strangers and not-so-strangers who took the time to read my life happenings in this blog.

More about the house, the tree and our new neighbourhood soon.

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