Yule Reflection

It’s 10 AM on a Sunday. The apartment is quiet; it has been since the time I woke up hours ago. Usually, I’d pull my tarot card, write morning pages while sipping my coffee, read a few pages (I have just started Amanda Lovelace’s latest book on her feminist poetry series: shine your icy crown) before jumping out to get ready for work on the weekdays or yoga on the weekends.

Today though, I am taking a self-nourishing pause for myself in honour of Yule ━ the winter solstice, the equivalent of the end of the year season on the northern hemisphere ━ to review and reflect. 

Mulling over the past six months. If I were to choose a word to describe it, it would be ungrounded. I had been holding my figurative breath for the longest time, in case I was going to get toppled over.

For most of it, I wasn’t sure whether I’d still have my job, able to find a home, pass my exam and travel.

The company I have been working for announced a restructuring plan in January. The Australian housing market has been so chaotic that I didn’t have as much time to study as I had taken more responsibilities at work, and Melbourne went to lockdown twice.

I also have been slightly neglecting the blog and the writing, even my tarot practice and journaling routine.

But then things slowly turned to in favour ━ as they always do ━ but I manage to forget every so often.

In May, I travelled to Sydney and had the grandest time with my BFF. Work finally announced the organization’s new structure in the middle of June (spoiler alert, I still have a job that I semi-love). And at the tail end of April, we finally bought our dream home. We will be moving in next month, which means it also marks the end of the era ━ of my life in South Yarra and this apartment for half a decade and as a renter for the entirety of my adult life.

Yes, a lot has changed in the past six months and I am anticipating a lot more changes in the coming months. And for (most of) it, I am deeply grateful ━ and finally grounded.

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