Hello! I am back in Melbourne, complete with the lockdown (second round this year), endless Monday meetings and the single-digit weather. I have been on the bed, with my electric blanket on, since 7 PM. Veep is playing in the background on free-for-two-weeks Binge app.

Today’s most eventful thing was driving down to Entrecôte (within the lockdown 5km radius rule) for mulled wine takeaway, even though I have an entire bottle of unopened gluhwein from Dan Murphy’s at home, only to be told that they stopped serving it an hour before. Alas, we will try again sometime this week.

Other than that, I was (back to being) served bed coffee, spoke to my parents, read a Japanese comic and feasted on Sichuan style toothpick beef Fafa got from the Dainty Sichuan in the name of supporting local restaurants during the lockdown.

Ps. If you are looking for Melbourne Lockdown Diary Day 1 to 3, you won’t find it as I was still in sunny Sydney when it happened.

Pps. Pps. The travel back from Sydney to Melbourne, which I had been anxious for days about, was a smooth process. I asked the Virgin flight assistance person whether I could still go back to Melbourne. He said yes, printed my boarding pass and bid me a safe flight. Two hours later, the fully packed flight landed in Melbourne. An officer was standing near the gate asked to see my Victoria border entry permit. I showed him the email, he took note and let me pass. $76 and 32 minutes taxi ride along semi-empty roads later, I was home.


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