I legit got teary-eyed when I checked the result of my latest CPA exam this morning. It was one of the highly stressful exams I have ever sat for in my life that I passed!

When I told Fafa about the news, he made a big hoo-ha about it ━ which I truly appreciate.

Roti Bakar YOI

We decided to celebrate this micro victory ━ a rainbow amid the lockdown ━ with Indonesian food (nasi jinggo for me and Indomie Ayam geprek for Fafa) and Japanese wine.

I ran 2.5kms, called my parents to share the happy news and bid good weekend to my colleagues over Teams before turning off the work laptop.

I also rewarded myself with a pre-order of Disney Villains Tarot deck.

Soon after, the home-based lockdown-style celebration started.

Two glasses of plum wine and two trips to YOI later (I made Fafa drove us back there because I was craving for their roti bakar dessert at night), we started the Mare of Easttown series marathon on Binge and kept pressing “next episode” until almost midnight.

Today has been the best day of this lockdown so far, and for that, I am very grateful.

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