Today, I picked up running again after not doing it for a few weeks. It was hard. I had to stop any kind of running after 2km and slowly walk back to the apartment.

While running, I realized that I forgot to bring my facemask, which meant I couldn’t go to the close by 7-11 and treat myself to a can of overpriced volcanic spring water. Oh well, maybe I didn’t deserve it this time for not completing my running target.

I did manage to sneak into the Hawksburn station, though. Hawksburn is the closest train station to the apartment, but of my 4+ years living in the neighbourhood, I had never taken the train from or to this station. Heck, I had never been inside the station until today. So I went in to say hello (and goodbye) to the part of South Yarra that I hadn’t had time chance to appreciate.

On the way back, I passed by Garden Street Garden, the friendly neighbourhood plant store and contemplated treating myself a potted plant. A surviving 4.0 Lockdown gift for myself. Then I read the message written with colourful chalks:

Not Allowed To Browse

and to check the plants online

Picking living plants, the plants that will be sharing the space with us (for as long as it’s alive) through a computer screen, felt so… unnatural? How would I feel the vibe of the plants without being near them??? But I also want to support the store. I decided to go home and discuss the pressing matter with Fafa. Update you tomorrow.

Other things from today: I meditated and pulled Page of Wands and Ten of Wands. I cleared off more than 100 pending work emails, spoke to parents, texted Jik, watched half of The Rite. I also had a pricey-but-not-good sandwich from an Indonesian cafe, Warkop and read a few pages of My Life in Plants.

Overall, I am feeling better than yesterday, and I think the semi-failed exercise had something to do with it.

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