venn diagram

Venn Diagram-ing My Passion

Hi, I’m back, in case you noticed that I had been away — but if not, Hi!

The past few weeks, my life, mind, and energy have been sucked by Strategic Management Accounting exam, which I took late last month. Tbh, idk whether I managed to answer it adequately to pass – alas, that’s a future-me problem. Today-me is here to share about something else: a Venn diagram I doodled while studying — of the things that interest me that I am keen to write more about.

Here it’s — tarot, happiness, culture, and travels. These are the things that I am drawn too, which I guess not a surprise if you know me IRL.

So what does it mean for the blog? Well, it can be nothing since I have already written about these things here. Still, I kinda want it to be a bit more than a “nothing” something. Hopefully, telling you this will add a bit of accountability to my blogging process to think and write more about the things that interest me interestingly.

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