March 2021

March 2021

March has come and (almost) gone. I wanted to write a lengthy reflective post about it as I did in January and February, but I am currently strap of time, so how about a summary instead?

This month started with a bit of struggle for me. I have been working on some personal goals in the background, and as I complained with Fafa, I felt like nothing is progress. But I think by the time it hit the Autumn Equinox, and we entered the Aries season, I have started getting my ducks in a row, my head in the game, my mind in straight — things like that.

This month… I have been perfecting the Prawn Linguine recipe to come as close as possible to the $36 Prawn Linguine I shared with Liz in BABY, an Italian restaurant near our house. I got the best cooking olive oil and bought the freshest prawn, but none of my attempts came close to the original version.

This month… I went to Atlas Dining. A tradition we started on the year the restaurant was opened will hopefully continue years after we no longer live in South Yarra.

I read and loved Smart Oven for Lonely People. I was completely enchanted by the chapter with the same title that I kept rereading. Growing up as a single child, I have had discussions with inmate objects, from soft toys to the TV (I still sometimes do). So I get the piece altogether.

I have started reading The Road to Santa, a book about travel writing through Japan. I hope it will satiate my wanderlust of Kumano Kodo.

This month.. I tried Chicken Parma dish for the first.

I picked up both running and yoga which I have been neglecting before.

I changed my blog name to Kulture Kal. I am learning to embrace the slow living and slight incremental improvement, which is the opposite of what I am used to (fast, now, why not yesterday). But I want to be better and more progressive.

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