Death To Kovfefed

Hello! Dropping in for a quick update that I have changed the blog’s identity to KultureKal – Liminal Memoir.

I created Kovfefed – The Normal Notes Fresh From Kovfefed Post on a whim just because it seemed absurd enough to fit my mental state last year. The name was supposed to be a temporary thing, as was this blog.

The thing is this blog grew on me.

Writing whatever I want to write without thinking about SEO, niche, and analytics has been fun. No, actually, better than fun. It’s the best! So I have decided to keep the blog and keep blogging here as a nurturing creative outlet.

Also, I have been wanting to retire Kovfefed , purely because of the associations that come with the word-play. Let’s just call it death by proxy.


I toyed with the idea of using my real name for the blog URL but decided to use one of my nicknames, Kal, instead. As for the Kulture, I want to sync with my other blog, KultureKween, which has become my primary internet identity for more than a decade.

Lastly, along with the identity change, I had a treat-yo-self moment, I jazzed up the blog theme. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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