Cat Themed Tarot Decks

After one heck of a work-week, I decided to have a quiet Friday night. The blind is closed, and the socks are on. The TV is playing Ritual on the background, and I am here on my laptop, accompanied by a glass of chilled red wine, browsing cat-themed tarot decks. Exactly, my kind of self-care.

Here are some of my favourite in order based on my liking:

1. Considerate Cat Tarot $80

A tarot deck inspired by rescue cats, how lovely! It’s beautiful and gentle.

2. Cat Tarot $10
3.Tarot of Pagan Cats Mini Deck $13

It’s witchy and affordable.

4. The Weird Cat Tarot Deck $50

Created by Gabrielle Kash, a cat-loving NY based illustrator. The illustrations are pretty cute, all drawn with a black background.

5. Mini Cat Tarot $60

Super cute square-shaped tarot cards.

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