Space Word of the year 2021 Echuca Farm Stay Melbourne Victoria Australia


Usually, I have my word of the year chosen days if not weeks coming into the new year (last year it was Growth). This year though my heart had a hard time selecting the right one. Maybe due to the Covid PTSD.

Joy and Authenticity kept coming up, and at some point, I even thought of combining them both to invent the new word: Joythentic. Because, why not?

But on the new year day, after the 2-hour phone convo with Jik where we fell into the topic of being brown women born into semi-traditional-ish brown families who are expected to behave a certain way while carrying the ancestral guilt both consciously and subconsciously ━ the word, my word of the year, crystallised in my mind:


Space ━ a light word with such a heavy meaning attached to it. At least for me. Someone who had never given and eventually lived my life by never taking enough space for myself ever. Both literally and figuratively. I have managed to make myself (my thoughts and my life) smaller than I am (it is) throughout my life.

It’s about time for me to break the limitation set for me, which I unknowingly adopted even after I moved away from the community (Eight of Swords energy).

Space ━ I want this word to guide me throughout this year. To teach me to claim my space, to take space and to create space. I want to hold space for myself – past, present and future. To hold space for others. To expand my space (both literally and figuratively). To dwell into the liminal space. Even to stare into space and connect with the moon.

I have a feeling it won’t be easy to truly adapt this word into my life, as space is not one of my core values, but I want it to be. Therefore I shall invite space (Seven of Wands energy) into my life this year and work together with it.

– Here’s to S P A C E

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