Fish Art South Australian Museum Adelaide South Australia

Kurated by Kovfefed – December 2020

Hello, hello! I am now officially on year end break and finally starting to relax a bit. I hope you are too. Here are a few articles I managed to read and thoroughly enjoyed during the most hectic period of this year. Salute!

In Awa-shi, Japan, Tadashi Yoshimoto a 74-Year-Old Japanese Farmer Stocks Vending Machine Daily With Homemade Curry Rice For Hungry Travelers.

The Vanishing Kodavas.

The Lost Year: Tarot during Covid.

A local road-side food stall in Bali on the Covid impact:

“Early April we began to feel the impact of the pandemic. We really missed the atmosphere of having people around. Our sales dropped to 80%. Luckily around June we could open the sitting area again and my guests have been coming in to eat.”

Japanese Art – Utagawa Kuniyoshi: Nichiren in Snow at Tsukahara.

Things you only know when you’re a tarot reader.

I am so going to get myself vending machine dashi soup the next time I am in Japan.

Best Psychological Thrillers books of the year.

Extensive choices if you are looking looking for QTPOC tarot decks. I am already eye-ing a few.

Learning more about tea and culture from new-to-me blog The Floating Tea Stem:

“茶柱 (chabashira, littea pillar) is the Japanese word for a tea stem floating upright in a teacup. Given its rarity, encountering a chabashira in one’s teacup is said to be a good omen…”

Frozen in time: Abandoned Victorian farmhouse shows simple life of Aussie farmer 60 years ago.

Stylish and minimalistic Muji dream house.

Coffee around the world: different ways of consuming the world’s best-loved drink.

Finally! Genderless school uniforms.

20 Simple New Year Resolutions to follow and 12 ways to live a more enchanted life.

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