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I spent more than five minutes trying to come up with a better name for the post title, but my brain has been smashed by the three consecutive days of over-time and refused to put extra work. So Deckanticipation* it’s. At least for now.

Today, when the clock turned 00:01 I went to The Gentle Tarot website and got myself the tarot community’s much-anticipated indie deck created by Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar. Mariza is a nature-inspired illustrator, who created the hand-drawn tarot deck filled with imagery influenced by her remote Alaska life and indigenous spiritual background.

I have been waiting for months for The Gentle Tarot deck and have long decided it will be my last quarter of the year purchase (I limit myself to only one deck purchase each quarter).

But I waited until today to get it to mark and celebrate my last working/adult-ing/pile-of-responsibilities day of the year. Also, I’d like to think it’s kind of a Christmas gift for myself. Alas, I woke up earlier, feeling warm and fuzzy, knowing I have something to look forward to in the mail next year.

And that my friend, what I call a Deckanticipation*.

*Promise I will try to come up with better terminology.

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