Burnt Out Reminder By The Ten of Swords

This morning when I pulled the Ten of Swords, the image of me screaming in the shower after seeing a new meeting scheduled at 6PM came into my mind. I was furious especially since the invite came only minutes before the scheduled meeting time. December has been a trying time work-wise. I have been working overtime almost every day. I am exhausted by the end of each week.

In short, I am in the middle of a major burn-out, meetings fatigues and in severe need of time off.

So, The Ten of Swords appearance wasn’t a surprise, even though it’s not even the end of week yet. I am sure it’s the depleted vibe I have been carrying around with my mind all scrambled.

Ten of Swords proclaims that enough is enough. And to know when to tell that to someone, anyone, including myself.

I took today’s message from the Ten of Swords as to remove the “swords” that are stabbing the tree trunk (of my mind, of my spirit and of life in general), as depicted in The Spacious Tarot deck. To remove my worries and pressure I put myself through. Even if it’s not all together at once, at least one by one.

For a split second I thought the card was suggesting for me to get an acupuncture therapy to release some stress. Maybe I should consider it. Either way, it’s not going to happen today as I can’t wait to crash on the bed.

Keywords: The end. Exhausted. Surrender. Betrayal. Self-sabotage. Intolerable.

4 thoughts on “Burnt Out Reminder By The Ten of Swords

  1. I got ten of swords yesterday and I was so scared that it means I might be hurt or betrayed or depressed. But it turned out something else. I had joined gym yesterday and was having terrible body pain post gym. So I remembered this blog of yours and I think for me It meant the same being tired and feeling the body pain as if some body had poked swords in your body.

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