A Small Celebration

First thing first, I passed my CPA exam! I was so stressed out about the result that I fell sick the day before.

Instead of acknowledging the, albeit minuscule, achievement, my immediate reaction after seeing the result was to book the next subject, which retrospectively speaking, was bad of me.

How could I not thank myself, Fafa and the Universe first for helping me progress in life and ticking off my goals. Especially after all the complaining, pre-exam stress and post-exam crash.

When I told Fafa that I passed the exam, he congratulated me and proceeded to book a table at Fonda, our favorite Mexican joint. I told him it seemed unnecessary, after all, it was just one subject. But then he reminded me of my own words:

“celebrating. small and big, things will breed more things to be celebrated”

Ah to be reminded of my own wisdom. I believe any reason to celebrate is a good reason to celebrate. And passing CPA exam that I paid more than $1k for, spent hours studying and stressed out over the result for seems like a more than an okay reason to celebrate. So we are off to Fonda in another 15 minutes — to celebrate both passing my CPA exam and the second anniversary of our second wedding.

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