Moon Void Tarot

Stef The Moon Void Tarot Deck Interview

Hello Moon Void Stef, tell me about yourself!

1. Your vibe:

Seven of Wands. Looks like Stef is stand-on-her-ground type of deck. She says what she wants to say and not going to change her answer no matter have crafty the question is rephrased.

2. What type of reading suits you best/What are you good at?

Two of Wands. Based on the picture drawn, looks like Stef is an intuitive deck. At the same time Two of Wands might mean she is good in answering things that requires planning.

3. What is a challenge for you?

King of Pentacles. Stef is a solitary deck. She is not into flashy celebrations. Definitely not to bring her to the family gathering.

4. How to treat you?

Four of Cups. I struggle to read this. Is Stef asking not to be given too much attention? Or does Stef require a lot of rest?

5. How do you spill your tea?

The Hierophant. Like a teacher. Love this answer 🙂

6. What are you here for?

Four of Pentacles. Based on the picture drawn on the card, looks like Stef is here to reveal answers.

7. Our vibes together:

Eight of Pentacles. Mastery!

9 thoughts on “Stef The Moon Void Tarot Deck Interview

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