Moon Void Tarot

The Moon Void Tarot Deck Is Here!

One day, while searching for Bakara Wintner’s Postcards From The Liminal Space oracle deck which has been sold out everywhere, I thought I ought to try my luck on Etsy. As I have seen hard to find tarot decks there before. No luck on the oracle deck, but I stumbled upon the Moon Void Tarot. What drew me first to it was the illustration on the cards. I thought the girl, outlined in black and white, looked a bit like me. If I straightened my hair long and changed my glasses.

It was intriguing enough for me to jump into the Etsy seller’s website. There, I was introduced to the magical world of the Moon Void Tarot.

The website says:

The Moon Void Tarot is a tarot deck for self-care, healing, and reflection. It’s named after the Void of Course Moon, a moment of deep pause, a time where no action is to be taken and reflection begins.

The more I browsed through website, the more I was attracted to the deck. Which was so unlike me, because it was a black and white deck, not my cup of tea. I wanted to check the price but saw that the deck was also out of stock. Well, not my day for tarot deck I told myself.

it is not like I am really going to buy a black and white tarot deck“, I appeased myself.

But I came back to the website the next day. And the next day. I kept looking at the few cards showcased there. On the third day, I went to Stefanie’s IG account to browse more cards. It was then I found out another thing that I liked about the deck — The Moon Void Tarot deck is represented by one single archetype. The long-haired girl, which I also learned many others identified with as well.

Excited by this newfound revelation, I messaged Stefanie on Etsy to ask whether she would print the deck again. Half-hoping that if she didn’t reply, I wouldn’t need to justify my attraction to the deck. But Stefanie replied. She kindly, politely and excitedly told me there are a few left and she would list it on Etsy later that day.

That conversation happened at the end of August.

Today, I finally get to hold the deck in my hand. It has traveled half the world to be with me. Expect the appearance of the Moon Void Tarot regularly here soon after I do the deck interview, as I am hella excited to work with it.

6 thoughts on “The Moon Void Tarot Deck Is Here!

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