Indian Food

Belated Diwali Celebration Lunch

I hosted belated Diwali celebration today and invited Jen, Pri and Aina for an Indian meal and Australian wine.

We started with the delicious mini bacon cheese quiches that Jen brought. Followed by sangria, cheese and olives.

I ordered North Indian food from 3 Brothers on Chapel. Onion Bhaji, Chili Mushroom, Cheese Naan, Kulcha, Murg Karahi Wala, Murgi Achari, Pepper Masala Chicken, Jeera and Peas Pulao Rice.

Fafa joined us for the late lunch before retrieving back to the bedroom.

The conversations were dominated by the happenings and gossips in the company. House hunting was next on the list as two of us are in the market. We also listened to Tinder date stories (two of them are currently single). Before finally landing in having a girls trip to Bali once the international borders are open.

We also continued the feast with the most delicious lemon cake Jen baked for Aina’s belated birthday. And ended it all with chilled slices of watermelon.

It was a great heart-and-tummy filling afternoon. And for the first time this year, the apartment had been blessed with hours and hours of loud happy-laughter. So glad to have them in my life.

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