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Last Morning in Mornington Peninsula

We reached home a few hours ago after spending the weekend at the Captain’s Retreat, an Airbnb cottage in Mornington Peninsula.

This morning, after some journaling and coffee by the garden sesh, we departed from the Airbnb. Much earlier than the check-out time because we were hungry.

We drove down to Mornington Peninsula’s shopping area, the Main Street and qued to have breakfast at the ever-popular Winey Cow.

While standing there, waiting for our table, I got a flashback memory of meeting our wedding photographer, Nada, in the Tapas bar right beside it a few years ago.

Seated, we ordered a chilli cheese eggs each. I added corn fritters on mine, while Fafa chose his fave side: crispy bacon. I wished they had put more chilli and that we were not seated right in the middle of the busy walking area. It was also a tad bit too expensive. Oh well, at least the food was delicious.

We decided to roam around the area before driving back to Melbourne. We started with the local bookstore, Farrells Bookshop. We spent quite some time there because Fafa contemplated whether to buy the hardcover Obama’s Promise Land or to wait for the paperback version.

We also went to Typo — of all the places — and bought pens and socks.

A few stores and a red-lid coffee cup later, we drove down to the beach.

It was raining and gloomy. Not a day to enjoy the beach. But I wanted to add some shells from the Mornington Peninsula to add into my Shell Jar back home.

By the time we reached the beach, the rain had got heavier, and I could only find up a few broken shells. Soon after we left for Melbourne. Once home, I took a three hours nap and woke up right before I wrote this.

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