Travel Sins

Confession time: I have committed several travel sins. Here are some of it —

I Don’t Do Backpack

The last time I wore a travel backpack, or a hiking backpack to be exact, was when I was in secondary school. Once I moved to high school, both my blue backpack and innocence were neatly packed away.

Ever since I started to travel, I either bring my pink carry-on or my big ass ‘I-can-easily-fit-a-body-in-it’ Samsonite. I cursed myself so much for not having a cool backpack when I had to carry the 40 kilos worth of luggage up 3 narrow sets of stairs inside a Hutong in China. But did I get a backpack after that? Not really. I still travel with the same luggage.

I Am Constantly On My Phone

The first thing I search for when I reach a new place is the wifi, to tell Amma that I am safe and sound. Unlike travel bloggers out there who set up a blog just to inform their parents, my Amma demands to know immediately when the plane touches down.

It is one of her nonnegotiable family rules.

Also, I like to take pictures and make notes when I travel. One thing I am pretty good at is ignoring my emails or messages because I really don’t want to have ordinary days when I travel, but the notes, don’t separate me with my notes.

I Have Never Shared A Room With A Stranger

I have solo traveled, stayed in hostels and at Airbnbs before, but I never ever shared a room with a stranger in my travels.

The last time I did that was when I was in Uni, with a girl named Tweety who could squeeze me to death from the bunk bed upstairs. And I don’t even want to experience anything near that ever again.

I don’t mind paying extra for the privacy but saying that, I wouldn’t mind sharing a place with strangers if at least one of my friends is there, just to get the experience.

I Constantly Crave For Asian Food

I claim to be a foodie, and I am open to trying new things when I travel. I have had eyebrow-raising food, and I am planning to eat my way everywhere I go, but I can’t go a week without Asian food — at minimum white rice and spicy chili.

Otherwise, I will be sad. Like depressed sad.

I experienced this the first time I went to Europe and had to beg my cousin sis to take me to a Chinese restaurant so I could eat some rice. I was on the brink of tears—it was not pretty.

I Need Bathroom Amnesties

When I travel, I am pretty particular about the toilet. I don’t mind sleeping in a small room or whatever, but I cannot do with dirty bathrooms. That is where I draw my line.

I Hardly Make Local Friends

I wish to make local friends at the places I travel to. I am curious to learn how the local live their lives. But most of the time I am either shy or just plain awkward or ignorant to put effort to make local friends.

I Don’t Travel For A Long Time

I have never traveled for more than a month in one go before.

When everyone at my age was busy taking the gap year and travelling somewhere, I too took a gap year, for 5 months. And you know how much I traveled in those 5 months? Merely 5 weeks. Budget was a constriction because I wasn’t working back then. And now that I am working, leave days have become so precious.

Do I want to travel for a year or more? Very much so! But I don’t think I can do it anytime soon. At least not in the next few years, when I am in the midst of adult-ing.

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