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Reading Redo

Tarot people, have you ever gone:

“Nope. Not this card. Not today. Let’s redo the reading.”

I am usually not a redo kind of reader. Nor do I ask the tarot the same question over and over again, expecting a different answer without taking a break and space for things to change or for myself to be able to see it from a different perspective.

I try to find the meaning behind each card that I pull, weaving a story from the image to answer the question that I posed to it. I believe stretching behind the traditional meanings of the card will bring nuance and add depth to my tarot learning. Even if it’s a bad card, I think it might be telling me something good for me to know.

But today, I pulled a card and felt an unexplained lousy feeling when I saw it. So, I pulled a clarifying card just to see what it is that I need to look out for. The clarifying card, although as a stand-alone card, represent celebration when I read it together with the first card, I could only think of one thing.

A triggering memory from the past that I prefer to leave behind. Actually, something I genuinely thought I have left behind.

Evidently not.

I tried to push my knee-jerk interpretation aside and think of other possibilities these cards might be telling me. I even tried to interpret it purely based on the images, but I couldn’t shake the first thought that came into my mind.

It lingered around, even after I showered and started work.

This was not how I planned to spend my whole day. I wasn’t going to be triggered by my own tarot deck.

All triggers need to be handled, minimized and weed-out from my life.

So, I took some deep breaths, started shuffling the deck and asked it to show me a different card because I didn’t want to invite that particular energy into my life ever again. That it was no longer my reality; therefore, it can’t exist in my Universe.

A card flew out.

The Nine of Pentacles.

Thank you, deck. Let’s call it a day.

2 thoughts on “Reading Redo

  1. No redos lol I completely get where you’re coming from. Sometimes I will watch another trusted tarot reader just to get some clarity. That usually helps me see something from a different perspective, and it helps hearing encouragement and advice (even if you already know lol)


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