Headache on New Moon in Scorpio

Every new moon (and full moon) Natta, the tarot teacher always reminds us to meditate on the corresponding cards related to the moon’s astrology. I never really understand how to meditate with tarot cards, so I usually skip this part of the homework.

Today, I gave it a try.

Pulling out The High Priestess (new moon) and the Death (Scorpio) cards from The Spacious Tarot deck, I sat on my work desk for a while, staring at these two cards. Nothing came to mind, except that I had to take Paracetamol because I have a terrible headache. So I did. Then I slathered my face with mud and made myself a pot of mulled wine tea, before coming back to my desk, looking intently into the images of these cards.

Nothing happened, and the headache is still there. I opened the journal to write, and nothing came into my mind.

I mindless flipped over the old entries and found one which I wrote on New Moon in Scorpio three years ago. I ranted about having a bad day then, and I noted down that I had a headache too.

Is this a thing? To have a lingering headache on New Moon in Scorpio? If yes, how do I unsubscribe?

6 thoughts on “Headache on New Moon in Scorpio

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