Tarot A Memoir

It took me the whole week to decide on the theme of the memoir I am writing for NaMeWriMo. I toyed with the ideas between Covid Diary and Tarot. Though Covid Diary would be more of a timely topic, I am not ready to write it yet. The past few months have been a messy period for me emotionally, and I need to untangle those feelings in a personal journal first before cooking it into a memoir.

So tarot it is.

Why Tarot Memoir?

Because I want to learn about tarot.

I remember a conversation between the Russian photography teacher and me in Federation Square Beer Deluxe years ago. He asked me what my biggest passion in life was. I told him it has always been writing. Then he gave me a piece of advice that I still hold very highly:

“Take your photos from a writer’s perspective. Seek the story behind your photo and write your stories with your photos”.

– Al.

And I am going to apply the same principle to my tarot learning journey. I want to learn and get better at it by writing stories, my memoir, with those cards.

I have been doing it sporadically anyway (either on the tarot journal or here), might as well try to write it with a deadline. All 78 cards within this month. Whether I will succeed in doing so or not, that will be a problem for future me to handle. For now, it feels like the right thing to do. And more than that, I feel good about it.

Ps. I wonder whether writing NaMeWriMo centering on tarot is a good enough excuse to get another deck in the name of furthering my education? I have been eyeing the Moon Void Tarot deck by Stefanie Caponi for some time now.

One thought on “Tarot A Memoir

  1. I love this idea! Now I feel silly for just trying to wrap up a tidying book and a few short stories I’ve been kicking around for far too long for Nanowrimo. 😅

    Have you ever beaten Nanowrimo, the 50k words in a month portion?

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