Life Lessons

Travel pillow is a good investment. Also, you will lose your travel pillow. Buy it again.

Don’t buy, cook, eat any Mie Sedap brand instant noodle. Even when the picture on the packet or the new flavors looks good/spicy/mouth-watering.

Stretch daily.

Make sure you have a plan to celebrate your birthday the way you want to. Don’t count on others to make it special.

Your words carries magick.

Take an aspirin before you sleep after a drunk night. And maybe another one after you wake up.

Avoid chain-hotels — stay in Airbnb instead.

Onesie only looks cute in the pictures and while doing general shenanigans. Wearing it to sleep is hell.

Nurture a hobby or two.

Always say yes for long walks. Even alone.

Writing can be uncomfortable at times. That’s okay. Keep at it. Even when there is water dripping from your wet hair to your hand. Like right now. Keep at it. Finish the word. Finish the sentence. Finish the paragraph. Finish the draft. Stop only when the time you set for yourself is up.

Life is filled with easter eggs.

Writing Morning Pages can be a life-changing activity, whether you are a writer or not.

Taking a selfie with film camera is hard and most of time is a waste of the roll.

Wine on the flight, on the way to your holiday destination, is never worth it. On the other hand, drink copious amount of wine on your way back to ease the post-holiday pang.

Stop seeking approval from the people who you don’t respect.

Buy a good quality PJs. Or two. The best your money can buy.

Don’t be a decorative piece in someone else’s life story.

Read old journal entries to remember past high and lows because your memory is not that good. And at times you either take things for granted or forgive and forget too easily.

It is so much easier to go through life with a best friend. Or two, if you are lucky.

We are magic.

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