The Spacious Tarot Deck

Since it came out, The Spacious Tarot has been on my radar, being the most anticipated deck last year. But I had never really given attention to it; I didn’t even include it on my 2020 deck list.

I didn’t know whether I’d like it.

I wasn’t sure how much I could learn from a deck without people on it, more so I felt like this deck leans towards minimalism and since interpreting the images is my primary way of practicing tarot, I stayed away from it.

But the deck kept showing itself to me, on IG stories, blog posts, etc.

Anyway, it started with me lazy-browsing tarot decks (a typical self-care activity for me) and saw the Eight of Pentacles from the Spacious Tarot, it depicted buzzing bees. That was the moment I felt the instant connection with the deck. That’s when I decided I would get the deck.

On the same day, Fa asked me what I wanted for my birthday. So long story short, I ended up getting it as a birthday gift.

It came a month after my birthday—no surprise there as I live down under and it’s during the peak Covid scare. I have heard someone said:

The Spacious Tarot is a gentle deck.

I must agree with them since I started working with it form daily reading to a spread on the house and travel.

I usually go through the entire 78 cards of any new deck that I got, but I decided to let the deck pleasant surprise me when I pull a never seen before card like The Devil card the other day which flew-off the deck when I was about to put it back in the box. It’s depicted as a dark forest. That stopped me on the track trying to analyze what the card conveys as there was no hint of Devilish temptation there, just a dark forest that I would avoid in all causes to go in. I still haven’t figure out what is the dark-forest Devil all about, but I am so glad I got this deck, it have been adding layers into my tarot-learning.

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