Last Day of Lockdown

Technically, the last day of the lock-down is tomorrow but I am riding on the joy of the announcement from earlier today combined with the post-run adrenalin and the buzz from the filled-to-the-brim glass of rose that I polished off right before I opened the laptop to write.

So it’s kinda like the last day of the lock-down. 


Pri texted me earlier.

followed by “are you excited?

To be honest, not yet.

I told her that my brain usually takes time to process and project my true reactions to any good news and bad news. Excitements or disappointments.

She said I was thoughtful. I told her “no, I am just slow“. And I do really feel that my brain takes a longer path to digest the big news (amongst other things) — case in point I never get excited about my trips before I reach the destination.

Not that I complain because it makes me appear as a calm person most of the time. No matter whether I am washed with overwhelming joy or sheeting with anger or wallowing in sadness inside.

To finally be free from all the lockdown rules, iso loneliness and COVID dramas feel great. Even though Dan’s announcement came with lots of warnings, which made it feel like conditional freedom, it still is very much welcomed news.  

In the past 17 weeks or so I have thought about the first few things I want to do post the lockdown. I want to meet my friends. Eat at a restaurant — both new and old-familiar ones. Go on weekend day trips. Maybe even a staycation. I also want to go to as many bookstores as I can go on in a day and try my best to not touch and smell all the books.

One more thing I have been dreaming of doing post lock down: to visit a museum or gallery. Because weirdly, my soul has been craving for some art. Go ahead and label me as pretentious if you want to, I don’t care at all, as long as I get to stand close to and stare at some paintings or photos or artworks for some time. And no, no virtual exhibition in the world was able to satiate that yearning. So I am going to see it directly, the pre-Covid way.

Tomorrow, I will check which exhibition is opening the soonest and plan my visit.

Other than that, today has been a great day. The announcement has blanketed the whole state with happy vibes. And I can hear my neighbour starting their celebration as well.

A very well deserved celebration indeed.

Let’s savour it and vow collectively never to take things for granted again — from friends to a train commute. And yes, let’s execute the new normal with great care and a tad bit of caution.

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